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There is a large, well-maintained drug smuggling organization that provides marijuana to American users, and many of those organizations are located in Mexico. They are violent, gang-oriented, they have a stronghold over Mexican society, and they dominate the drug culture in the United States, too. They control what is bought and sold, the prices, and the quality of the drug. Anyone who uses marijuana supports these drug cartels, either knowingly or not. These cartels are dangerous, even deadly members of society, and supporting them only supports the violence and illegal activities they continue. Using marijuana is dangerous to American society, because it encourages these cartels, and that is yet another reason it should remain illegal.

Marijuana use is an addiction, and just like any other addiction, it must be treated and managed. It can ruin lives, it can break apart families, and it can turn a productive, intelligent citizen into a stoned zombie incapable of rational thought or action. It may not be as dangerous as cocaine or heroin, but it can lead to those types of drugs, and it can bring out addictive behavior that can lead to other addictions. While some see it as recreational, even alcohol, which is legal, can lead to dangerous and deadly behavior, and marijuana is no different. It is an addictive drug, it alters behavior, and it can lead to poor decision making, such as driving stoned, which can have deadly consequences. It is a drug, it changes behavior, and it can lead to all types of complications. It may be seen as harmless, but it reality, it is harmful, and it should remain regulated and illegal. There are many people who believe it should be decriminalized, especially for tax reasons in a down economy. However, that would only lead to additional legal and court costs when stoned people commit crimes. Marijuana has a negative effect on people, and there is no way that making it legal would change…

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