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Depression Among Preschoolers

Depression is an illness where one gets bad feelings that hang on for weeks or even longer. The feelings don't go away that easily just like the way bad feelings do after a day or few hours, it hangs on a bit longer and could as well lead to a disease which ought to be treated. When you one is depressed one feel sad, angry, hopeless and discouraged. Physically one may feel tired all the time and have constant headaches. Different individuals have a number of reasons that makes them depressed such as; work related, family reasons, unfulfilled desires, sickness, financial strains just to name a few. All this are reasons that cause worry but if they change to become uncontrollable it leads to depression (Rey & Birmaher, 2009). Those found to exhibit such tendencies are known to be depressed. Such people are unable to think clearly while perform given task at work even within a home setup. This is just because they are controlled by the current blues brought about by depression.

Depression can happen to anyone not caring their age, social status, financial status race, sex .Study shows that 20% of ladies suffer from depression. It's an emotional pain that most people live with because it doesn't mean that they can't go to work or school, they can but their concentration is low since they are always thinking about the issue that's causing them to be depressed. Even the greats experienced depression; such us the then U.S. president Lincoln while under pressure (Huberty, 2012).

Symptoms of depression on preschoolers

Kids who get depressed are at a school going age of 6 to 12 years. Despite this being the case they are known to be more verbal at such an age and may express their feelings to teachers owing to teachers being quick to notice changes in them (Rutledge & Bannister, 2007). This is as a result of behavioral symptoms which is so visible to the eye. It could as well be portrayed in their emotional tendencies; here are some of the most Common symptoms likely to be seen by the guardian in this kids as listed:-

Poor performance of the child

A child performance is able to indicate how the kid is faring; when dealing with a well performing individual a sudden drop could speak otherwise, perhaps something could be lacking leading to this development thus the need to monitor her grades while at school. This ought to raise a bell that something isn't right thus needs to be address quick. Such pressure could as well come right from home when for instance the parents are undergoing strive in their relationship which could in the long run affect the kids as well. The teachers close interpersonal relationship with the kid during lessons should at least understand these children in order to notice any change.


This sign can't escape the eye. A child who may be very jolly and talkative suddenly keeps to him or herself and avoids socializing with others; thus indicating depression. When this happens, fellow students as well as teachers ought try and find out what's going on in that child's mind before it goes out of control. At times, talking about ones problem helps ease it depression. Teachers need alert while watching how students respond at anyone given time. The normal behaviors is likely to differ owing to withdrawal signs in students, the teacher can take notice and report.

Loss of Appetite

Depression takes away the joy of enjoying ones meal. This is because the causes of depression maintain a constant on the child's mind till they lose appetite. For instance if the it's caused by divorce among it's parents, this could continue hurting the child even at their young age will always be on the child's mind taking away it's joy of even enjoying a meal.

Mood Swings and Anger

The child may sometimes get angry trying to look for a place to swing the anger at. It is common for students to get angry but when slight things provoke them, or can't take jokes, there is cause for worry.

Headaches-Constant and never ending headaches are also a sign of depression

Aggressive Behaviors and general disobedience

Fighting -- the child feels that fighting...


In cases of divorced parents, the child feels like they are the cause of the divorce

Causes of depression on preschoolers

It is really difficult for parents to imagine that their child is depressed and that's why parents never notice, they tend to think that the child is just having a rough day. The fact is, children too get depressed and unless you are keen, it's hard to notice, one may just ignore it thinking it is mood swings that will pass. Parents should never be embarrassed about it because all can get depressed. This is alarming owing to the rate at which children get depressed; is this even possible? One would ask but yes it is.

Factors that cause depression in preschoolers

Family Environment

The family environment is a major source of depression in kids. A home ought to be a safe environment providing peaces and safe for everyone. After a long day at school and work everyone longs to go home and be with their loved ones. On the other hand, if the home is the source of hostility, fights, unnecessary fights, a child even gets scared of going home after school. The child is also scared of the parents if they are hostile or even when the home environment is not safe. Kids who leave under such situations are likely to get depressed because of the questions that run through their heads. What ifs plus the fact that they can't understand why their life is different from other kids, could also be a source of depression.

Medical problems

Children who suffer from less common chronic diseases are likely to get depressed. This is because such disease rob them of their childhood, for instance they have to be on medication all the time and this diseases limit the games they can play as children. Medical problems like Asthma, Diabetes, epilepsy and many others can cause a child to be depressed.

Drugs and Alcohol

Abuse of substance especially Alcohol and marijuana causes depression especially among teenagers; a huge percent of teenagers were found to be depressing while visiting their family doctor and was all pointed to the use of drugs.


Studies have shown that children are likely to be depressed if their parent suffered depression. Facts show that the younger a parent was when she got depressed the higher the chances of the child will get depressed before their 20th Birthday and it's more severe and lasts longer. Perhaps the greatest question is; why does depression run in families? This is a question puzzling many but a number of reasons lead to this. Among them; marital problems could lead to this among married adults and goes hand in hand with marital problems which can also come about as a result of unfaithfulness. Parenting is another reason. It's very hard for a depressed parent to take care of children. Depression in kids is also avoidable owing to prevention being a better choice. A number of ways are used to achieve this;

Open communication

Open communication is the basic avoidance to most mental illnesses. As a parent or guardian it is very important to communicate with ones child to build confide in one about anything that is going on in their lives without being scared of being punishing or miss judgment from them.

Physical Activity

Physical activity keeps a child busy especially teenagers so this ensures they don't engage in drug usage which could lead to depression. The parents should ensure their kids are occupied at all time.


Preschoolers should be taught about depression and what causes it in school and at home. Through counseling so are made aware of the harm caused by depression because depression could as well be self inflicted via the use of drugs.

Fostering self-esteem

Every parent should always make their child feel special and give them every support to make them believe in themselves. Lose of hope and giving up is the major cause of depression on preschoolers especially if they are slow learners .Parents and teachers have an obligation to encourage the student so they don't go into depression for not performing well in school.

Treatment for preschoolers with depression

Treatment for children with depression is available and the factors to consider on where to go for treatment depends on the severity of depressive episodes, presence of suicidal ideation, chaotic environment for child, failure to past treatment before, if the depression is severe, severe agitation. All this are factors that should be checked properly before deciding on…

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