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¶ … Affordable Care Act and EMS

The affordable care act is a medical insurance program that came into existence during the Obama regime. This came as a subsequent addition to the Medicaid and Medicare programs as fronted in the year 1965. The motive behind the creation of this scheme was to improve the affordability and accessibility of medical care to all the American citizens. Just like America, every society around the globe is made up of the less privileged and the rich. Therefore, the country's leadership opted to have this kind of insurance scheme so that everyone, regardless of the economic status can access cheap medical attention and in a convenient way. This forms the basis of the Affordable care act. This program offers many opportunities in the future for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organization. In this case, there are chances for the people to benefit from the same.

The legislation

The law gives life for the existence and operation of the Affordable Care Act. This has been specified in the manner in which the organization will operate. In all cases, the law specifies clearly how the patients will be taken care and making the health status of the country gets to the people. As shown in the act, the citizens are expected to contribute a part of their earnings to the fund. It is specified that the fund has the authority to source funds from the people and pool them for purposes of taking care of the health of all the Americans. The law also specifies on the modalities of claiming this benefits. The citizens have the right to access medical care courtesy of the introduction of this medical scheme (Copeland & Carey (au), 2011).

The legislation requires everyone must contribute to the fund on a statutory basis. On the case of emergency medical services, the law to some extent hints that the government handles emergency medical situations (Harrington, 2015). With the creation of the fund, EMS is likely to benefit from this because the Affordable Care Act has made it possible for the medical fraternity to have the necessary amount of money to run emergency cases. In all cases, any program needs funding for it to be successful (MedStar Mobile Healthcare, 2014).

The U.S. government also chips in add to the amount that the citizens contribute for the same reason. This coordination between the government and the citizens has made the program to succeed. In the Act, the people are clearly mandated to support the scheme. The opportunities for people to deal with the missing links in the medical profession have always existed. After ensuring that the concept of medical insurance has been supported, the government also steps in by implementing the specific targets so that the program can succeed. The management of the fund also looks into the possible options for the merger between the fund and all the other medical insurance schemes available (Catalano, 2015).

The insurance cover

Medical insurance cover is important in ensuring that all the citizens of all states manage to acquire medical care. It is a sure way of ensuring that people who access the treatment are in their large numbers. Sometimes, it has been seen that without a proper medical arrangement for medical funding, it is likely that people will lose their ability to see through their medical challenges. In any situation, medical cover has to be done through the patronage of a trusted authority such as the government. Every state is expected to so this at all times (Cone et al., 2014).

In respect to this, the U.S. government has cultivated a culture of medical insurance. Other that Medicaid, Medicare and Affordable Care body, there are many other private insurance companies that have come up. The objective seeks to ensure that people can access health treatment in the best way possible. This also happens...


In a population that is highly unemployed in the sense that people work in their private establishments, the likelihood of people missing to foot their medical bills is high. For this reason, the medical insurance stands out to be the best method of fulfilling the medical expectations. With the presence of the insurance cover, EMS also benefits. In a society where the insurance sector has matured enough, it is likely that any emergency issue that comes in the medical vicinity will be easily sorted. Some of the many cases that occur related to the health status of the people that require urgent emergency attention. This way, it is not possible to handle them is there are no proper plans in place to address it. It is for this reason that the government plans to have a standby insurance scheme that can easily come in handy when need be. In the present state of health provision in America, EMS delivery is prompt and appropriate. This has made it possible to deal with emerging health issues to be addressed in the shortest time possible (Copeland & Carey (au), 2011).

It is imperative to confirm that sufficient service provision schemes are available and beneficial to the public. In this case, there are chances presented by the presence of these insurance schemes. In all cases, the American populace has found more benefit with the presence of these insurance schemes. They have proven to be the most crucial in the delivery of emergency services that arise such as accidents and other unfavorable circumstances that arise in the life of human beings. It is always known that people look forward to having the best services in the society through the government (Faguet, 2012). The insurance schemes that the government has put in place for purposes of ensuring that there are little chances for calamities occurring have a direct impact on the life of the people. In this case, it has always been seen that the people stands to benefit when the government is willing to stand in their favor. One other way in which the insurance schemes have aided EMS is by saving on costs that would have been spent on them had there not been a fund ready for this. It also saves on the headache of having to worry about the next source of funds other than what would have been there in normal circumstances. The leaders will be put to fewer tasks of having to solicit more of the needed funds with little effort. The case for the leaders is such that there is little left for them to do regarding making sure that the people are treated. It is for this reason that the insurance schemes have always gained popularity in this respect (MedStar Mobile Healthcare, 2014).

EMS responses are always characterized by the presence of more parties willing to chip in to make the whole exercise successful. In emergency situations, the occurrence of crises must be controlled and managed within the shortest time possible so that the level of damage is reduced. The level of control that take place in the current dispensation shows that most of the people who undergo challenges with their health status and need urgent attention can easily be lost as they might succumb to the diseases. Many opportunities are available for use in the treatment of patients. As seen from the impact of the presence of the insurance companies, the people served by the EMS program have increased proportionately. It becomes easy to cover these people and address their specific needs using the said program mentioned here. Most importantly, people find better treatment under the program of medical insurance (McNew, 2014).

In the current state of health provision in the country, many issues of concern have been raised that border on the need to develop better service delivery. In the real sense, many people find it better to deal with the government provided health services since they are affordable and represent a steady commitment to have it working. The people who have been served so far under the EMS program are many. Their numbers have brought out the fact that it pays to have these kinds of programs under any government. In this case, it is important to have the parties to the organization come to a realization of the impact of positive treatment from the side of the recipients (Cone et al., 2014). The fact file on this shows that the people who have always been taken care under the EMS program have always realized and appreciated the importance of medical insurance on their lives. This report is evidence of the fact that the people under the government sponsorship are many. They diversity in their actions and best need to have the best of the services for them to feel appreciated and well cared for. It is important to ensure that the government remains in charge of occurrence without halting the program (Catalano, 2015).

Insurance coverage also makes the situation feasible in the propagation of EMS by ensuring that many people…

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