Automobiles In The Film Industry, Term Paper


In Smokey and the Bandit automobiles were used to exemplify sex appeal and freedom. The car was used as a vehicle for escape from the drudgeries of real life. The car and the driver are promoted as objects of desire, therefore something to attain. The movie became popular and people began to emulate the movie by purchasing similar vehicles and desiring lives like the star of the movie had in the movie. Another important use of a vehicle will be seen in the upcoming movie the Dukes of Hazard. This movie is a take off from the show called the Dukes of Hazard in the 1970's/. The show and the movie revolve around two brothers and an orange vehicle called the General Lee. The car takes them along the back roads to solve crime and get away from authorities in innocent escapades typical of country boys in that era.

It is a popular use of an automobile because it again, represented to pop culture the freedom and fun of youth and wheels combined.


The use of automobiles in the American film industry is not new. It has been done for many years, though it is the rare film that carries the automobile with such weight as was seen in American Grafitti.

The use of automobiles in American films works to promote pop culture because it brings out emotions in those who see the film.

The use of automobiles in American film underscores the freedom that Americans enjoy, and the youth and carefree attitude of youth that the viewers miss.


The use of automobiles in American film and the impact that has on pop culture cannot be denied. Automobiles are representative of many things including youth, pride, and self-reflection.

Pop culture has been changed and influenced by the automobiles used in movies in the past. A classic example of this was the movie American Graffiti. The automobile represented a carefree youth that most experience before heading into adulthood and all the responsibilities that entails. The automobile in American films are generally...


That creates a change in pop culture or a new fad that is directly caused by the meaning or emotion the use of the automobile in the movie brings out in the viewers.

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