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English as a Second Language

America is known as a melting pot; people have migrated here from many different countries, cultures and speak different languages. Children are raised in homes where different languages are being spoken, some families use English primarily, however there are families that do not speak any English. Children raised in these household where there is little or no English will need to learn English in school. English is being taught in the schools as a second language in the mainstream classroom; however the students are not successful in this setting. Children in the ESL programs in the United States are not reading at the same level as students who are primary English speakers. All students in the mainstream classroom should be successful academically.

English as a second language (ESL) is an important aspect of the educational system. ESL is currently failing
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the children immersed in these programs. Many children in the United States speak English as a second language. Lasisi (2009) conducted research in this field to provide better information about ESL and how it can be improved. There were several variables in the study. Independent variables in the study are signs, maker of the sign, integration of verbal texts, visual images and multimodal resources. The dependent variables in the study are message representation, choice of sign, knowledge and learning practices in the classroom.

The participants in this study were chosen from a junior high school in California. Eighteen learners were chosen, mainly Hispanic, they participated in the study for three weeks. The participants were 12 females and 6 males from the seventh grade of the chosen school. This sample would represent the Hispanic population in junior high, who spoke English as a second language. The researcher of this study did not define literacy as just academic achievement; he included different types of technology such as computer,…

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