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The challenges are many for those in the industry for the first quarter-century of the new millenium but the hope is that information technological advances will smooth the transitions that must be made if healthcare is to be effective or successful in future initiatives of delivery quality healthcare.

Public Health Issues

The Global Face of Healthcare

Statement of Thesis:

Finally this work will describe several different countries' public health systems and compare and contrast the similarities and differences noted as well as the political economic, service, expense and other major issues linked to the various structures and forms of the healthcare systems around the world. The various public health tradeoffs that are made on the societal level based on limited resources and competitive priorities will be briefly examined as well.

While the business world has streamlined processes and become more customer-centric the healthcare agency is seeking to do the same in becoming more 'patient'-centric in their processes within the industry. The face of healthcare is rapidly shifting. The administration segment of the healthcare industry is sucking wind to keep up with the changes that are so quickly changing the entire structure within hospitals and clinics throughout the world in an attempt to answer the need in healthcare in today's world. As pointed out by the report many healthcare workers claim that nothing was learned until they left the classroom further stated is that there exists a "critical problem with institutional learning..."

According to a report entitled "Pacific Rim Partnering Overview" there exists many healthcare companies not located in Japan that nevertheless want to gain access to the healthcare market in Japan. Japan's healthcare system is in the midst of a reform and Japan is also experiencing a large increase of competition from foreign companies. Bringing further changes to the political and economic landscape of the healthcare industry is Japan's implementation of certain initiatives of licensing, collaborative research, joint ventures and other common alliance strategies." (Strategic Research Institute Report, 2004) Japan's healthcare system is different from that of the U.S. In that the municipalities are responsible for the provision of basic healthcare while the "prefectures administer hospitals." The following graph labeled Figure 1.0 illustrates the regional healthcare market in 2002 as to the countries and their percentage of the market-share.

Priorities in the Healthcare Industry for 2005:

Stated as "action" priorities for the healthcare industry are the following:

Data-driven clinical care

Advanced disease management

Enhancing quality and outcomes in reporting

Accelerating technology implementation

Evolving toward electronic health records

Leveraging the Web to empower consumers

Finding new solutions to old problems through collaboration

Consolidation of functions to reduce overhead

Managing capacity

Addressing new market

Recognizing the problem of obesity.

Managing Outsourcing.

Those countries throughout the world which are not integrated into technological advances will not benefit overly much from the IT revolution in the healthcare industry and this problem is one that is overwhelmingly difficult to address for the industry that is already overwhelmed with new disease and technology issues. The challenge is one, which is real in provisioning healthcare to poor third-world nations. Again collaboration is the only way that collectively the countries who are privileged with healthcare might work together to provide at least some semblance of basic healthcare to the poorer nations of the world.


Considering the drive for electronic medical records and the expansion of globalization that is being experienced among countries of the world, those societies that are electronically privileged appear to be the countries that will benefit most from the IT explosion that is erupting in the healthcare industry on a worldwide basis.


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Public Health Issues

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