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¶ … 21st century underwent many changes. There were political events; civil unrest and terrorism that made countries like the United States take precaution. Although globalization became prevalent within the last decade, economic globalization has taken precedence. The issues surrounding countries and governance as well as the outcomes of such problems have sparked publicized negotiation situations. One in particular will be covered in this essay.

An article by John M. Broder explains the devastating effects of climate change and the need for governments globally to work together. Included in some of the possible repercussions of uncontrolled climate change are possible destabilization of entire countries and the feeding of terrorist movements. Climate change could affect nations through drought, mass migration (animals and insects) and food shortage. Broder continues explaining which areas around the world could be critically hit. Places in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa could face water crises, food shortages, and catastrophic flooding.

The article uses the example of the destructive flood that occurred in Bangladesh and the hundreds of thousands of refugees it sent running into India in its wake. "hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming into neighboring India, touching off religious conflict, the spread of contagious diseases and vast damage to infrastructure" (Broder, 2015, p. 1). With these refugees came contagious diseases as well as immense damage to infrastructure. Not only are lives affected by such a disaster in the short-term through loss of home and loss of


Any further negotiations toward a global climate treaty may need further push. An increasing number of policy makers state that the earth's rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and surging seas are and should be considered a direct threat to international and national interest. The United States thus becomes a pivotal part of the puzzle as their contribution can lead to a global acceptance of change to minimize the deadly effects of climate change.

The United States has begun to take action on approving legislation to help mitigate and slow down the effects of climate change. "Lawmakers leading the debate before Congress are only now beginning to make the national security argument for approving the legislation" (Broder, 2015, p. 2). By focusing on climate change being a threat to national security, this may convince other government officials to take heed and act. People like John Kerry are met with heavy resistance in Congress when it comes to the issue of global warming and climate change.

Mr. Kerry explains as cited in the article, that ongoing conflict existing in southern Sudan comes from expansion of deserts and drought in the north. Because…

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