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logo I created a fictional company named: Plus Square (+2). This company a producer biodegradable disposable dishware, innovating advance product create inside materials seeds plants (trees, vegetables, flowers, ) order reforest generate oxygen nature? reintegration a short-term environment.

Plus to the Square

The modern day community faces countless challenges, including the growing threat of global warming, the forces of globalization which generate social, cultural, technological or other challenges, but also the continuous changes which impact the communities. Economic agents are faced with the pressures of better serving customers' needs and wants, operating under the legislations of several countries and international regulators, overcoming the fiercer competition, stimulating the performances of the staff members, operating in a more environmentally responsible manner and so on.

In terms of environmental responsibility, economic agents are generally asked to reduce the levels of pollution they generate and release within the society. But the demands of the consumers are increasing even further than this as the individuals also desire products which better support environmental stability. These items are called green products and they strive to serve the same purposes as the traditional products, but to do this with as little negative impact upon the community as possible. As a parenthesis, green products are now more expensive than traditional products and they are often underperforming in the meaning that they reveal lower qualities. Improvements are however continually made in the quality of these items and the market for green products is continually increasing.

In the context of an increasing demand and popularity of green products, the Plus to the Square company has created a unique product it strives to launch within the market. In order to do so, it has decided to approach the customer market through visual communications. The scope of this endeavor is that of presenting three visual alternatives to sit at the basis of the marketing campaign. Once these alternatives are introduced and assessed, a final recommendation would be made.

2. The idea

Plus to the Square is an economic agent who supports the development of the communities through the creation of environmentally friendly products. The organization is focused on creating a better world by educating the populations and presenting them with the ability to use items which do not negatively impact the surrounding environment. With this objective in mind, the company has created an innovative household product. This product is basically represented by biodegradable and disposable dishware. And the greatest innovation behind the product is given by the materials used in its construction, namely seeds from plants, such as trees, vegetables, flowers and so on. The usage of these seeds means that once the dishware is released into the environment, it will quickly and naturally decompose, to also release seeds which would set the basis for richer vegetation. This vegetation would in turn improve the environmental state of the globe, it would generate more oxygen to improve the quality of the air and it would ultimately support the environmental stability of the planet and the future of the next generations.

3. The approaches to visual communication

As the idea was explained, the scope is that of adequately communicating it in order to generate appeal from customers. Specifically, once the product has been developed, it is now necessary to sell it and in order to do so, it is necessary to create demand. This demand would be created through a complex marketing campaign which would familiarize the customers with the existence of the disposable and biodegradable dishware, would generate customer interest in the products and would also stimulate purchases by generating demand.

The challenge lays in the means of constructing the campaign so that it best attracts the prospected individuals and groups of individuals. At a generic level, it has been decided that the most suitable approach would be one of visual communication, as this stands the most chances of generating the desired impact. Stephen Few (2006) for instance argues that the individuals experience the...


Regarding the economic agents, these perceive the eyes as targets for the commercial message. "Our eyes are now seen as valuable targets for visual content -- messages written in light that reach out to tickle our retinas and thus our minds -- hoping to make an impression" (Few, 2006).

George Kops (1998) implements a more punctual approach of visual aids and argues that these are pivotal constructions in sending a message due to the following:

The ability of the human brain to process visuals 400,000 times faster than text

The ability of visuals to speed up the learning process by 400 per cent

The ability of visual aids to lead to a 6 per cent higher rate of information retention.

In order to select the most adequate means of promoting the biodegradable disposable dishware, it is first necessary to correlate the messages to be visually sent with the complex messages of the idea. There are generally two messages, and three means of communicating them, as revealed in the following table:


Visual communications approaches

1. The world is facing the most severe pollution challenge and the Plus to the Square dishware can help reduce this threat

1. Photographs

The world is facing the most severe pollution challenge and the Plus to the Square dishware can help reduce this threat

2. Charts, tables and statistics

2. The new disposable and biodegradable dishware are fashionable and convenient

3. Filmed advertisement

4. Promoting the dishware through pollution threat and photographs

This first approach would be constructed with the use of photographs. The message it would strive to send is that of dangers currently facing the society, and the ability of the disposable dishwashers to reduce the threat of environmental decay by reducing pollution and also by stimulating the regeneration of vegetation. Two different sets of photographs would be used, as follows:

Pictures of the environmental threat of pollution, including photographs such as those below:

Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, 2010

Pictures of a more stable environment, which can be obtained through the use of the company's disposable and biodegradable dishware, such as those below:

Source: Outdoor Photos

It is also necessary to state that the campaign would also reveal pictures of the biodegradable and disposable dishware. The use of these pictures -- such as the one below -- is necessary to offer consumers a sense and a perception of the product advertised. They need to be convinced that the new dishware is able to serve the purposes for which it was initially indented at least as well as the traditional, non-disposable dishware.

Source: Branch, 2010

The pictures would be integrated within a power point presentation. They would each stay on screen for 5 seconds, after which the next picture would be automatically displayed. No additional text would be introduced, allowing the pictures to take their full impact on the viewers. In the background however, a male voice would explain the meaning of the photographs, specifically:

The dangers of pollution and global warming

The high extent to which daily human activities generate pollution and global warming

The ability of mankind to take small steps and address its negative impact on the environment

The new biodegradable and disposable dishware which can help reduce environmental instability and can even stimulate the regeneration of vegetation.

At this level, it is also necessary to strongly introduce the product by presenting and emphasizing on its ability to support environmental stability. In this order of ideas, the product messages to be introduced while pictures of the disposable dishware are displayed include the following:

The ability of the new dishware to reduce pollution by generating a reduced consumption of water

The ability of the new dishware to reduce water pollution by generating a limited usage of detergents or strong dish washing solutions or chemicals

The ability of the new dishware to reduce pollution by limiting the amount of plastics which are released into the environment, such as the plastic containers of dish soaps

The ability of the new dishware to reduce industrial pollution by lowering the pollution generated by the manufacturing of dish cleaning chemicals or plastics containers

The ability of the new dishware to replant vegetations and support the regeneration of the environment.

The above mentioned sets of messages are somewhat exaggerated as it is rather impossible for the dishware to solve the problem of global warming and pollution. This element is common in most instances of sending messages with the aid of images. In this order of ideas, Paul Martin Lester (2006) notes: "Probably the most common use of images is for advertising and public relations purposes. People expect pictures used in these contexts to be exaggerated visions of reality because their visual claims are intended to persuade and provoke."

In order to reduce this perception of exaggeration, the voice message introduced would argue that the disposable dishware represent a starting point in the creation of environmental stability and it…

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