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racial gender constituency a fact-finding committee major American party choice: My choice marked astrids. This paper introduction conclusion. •******Outside consultant hired party advise inclusive*****

To ensure there is equality in society, the party should ensure that encompasses women in its agenda. The role of women in society cannot be overlooked, and any American party should include them when discussing society matters. Women play an important role and addressing their issues together with other issues is vital for the party's success. Having women in the party's leadership will also ensure that the women agenda is addressed and women will feel represented. Considering the constituency has more women than men, it is vital that the party attracts them to its side. This will not only ensure victory to the party, but will ensure that the party is more inclusive and sensitive to women affairs. Encouraging women to participate within the party affairs will also provide an avenue for the party to understand them better and cater for their different issues.

The importance of women to the party

For a party to understand better women issues, it needs to have women representative participating within the party. This will provide the party with necessary insight and better understanding of women rights Keremidchieva, 2012.

The party will also be viewed to be democratically inclusive because it includes women in its leadership positions. The party is most likely going to be successful as it includes all members of society including women. Women are easy to mobilize as they follow rules much better than men. Party campaigns will be easily managed because it has included women, and there will be less resistance in regards to the way the party runs its campaigns. Women possess unique talents that men do not have, and for a party, possessing this talent will prove to be vital.

As the constituency has more women than men, having women representatives within the party will ensure that the other women know and understand their rights, which will in turn improve the lives of women and their families. Women follow and assist other women because they believe that these women understand them better. To ensure the party's success, it will need to empower some women and encourage them to take up leadership positions. These women leaders will in turn serve as change catalyst for the other women because women are mostly viewed to be less corrupt, they can have better relations with the community members, and they are greatly aware of public voice.

Appointing a woman to manage the party finances will ensure that the party does not run out of funds and the money is used for the intended purpose. This is because women are effective managers of money. Women are also good at identifying issues that are not only related to other women, but issues that are related to the whole community. This will prove vital when the party is developing policies. Including and taking care of women within a party will give the party the opportunity to attract more women, because the other women are better at forming coalitions with other women.

Women been better speakers than men, the party can use them to coach its male party members on how to communicate effectively in public, and how to communicate to the women within the various communities. This communication will be vital for the party's success.

How women view the party platform items

Some of the party's platform items include gun control, medical care, pornography, abortion, education, and marriage. Women will be mostly concerned with items that benefit the society and promote cohesion within the community. Platform items like war on pornography will endear the women more to the party because majority of…

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