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Most individuals fail to appreciate life to the fullest because they concentrate on being remembered as some of the greatest humans who ever lives. This makes it difficult for them to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, considering that they waste most of their time trying to put across ideas that are appealing to the masses. While many did not manage to produce ideas that survived more than them, others succeeded and actually produced thinking that remained in society for a long period of time consequent to their death.

Creativity is generally regarded as one of the most important concepts in society, considering that it generally induces intense feelings in individuals. It is responsible for progress and for the fact that humanity managed to produce a series of ideas that dominated society's thinking through time. In order for someone to create a concept that will live longer than him or her, the respective person needs to consider ideas that are typically favored by society and needs to focus on creating thoughts that are likely to be in accordance with the interests of future generations. While people cannot become immortal, their ideas can and are likely to do so if they put across concepts that appeal to a wide public. Putting one's thoughts into text is probably one of the most effective methods for the respective person to leave something behind him or her. His or her thinking is probable to outlive him or her and future generations are likely to associate his or her character with the texts that he or she left behind.

7. While Percy Shelley intended to use "Ode to the West Wind" as a tool meant to put across the depth of his feelings, he did not hesitate to employ a series of style in the poem. He intended the text to encompass several concepts that were both traditional and innovative in character. The ode provided Shelley with the opportunity to create a text that was very different from typical poems, considering that it can be confusing and that the writer can adapt it in order to fit his or her exact thinking. This text presents readers with an atypical sonnet, considering the way that it is organized and the fact that each of the cantos in the poem has fourteen lines.

It is very probable that Shelley no longer identified with the English background, as his stay in Italy influenced him significantly. As a consequence, he appears to want to create a connection between England and Italy with the purpose of creating a setting where his personality can fit in. Shelley uses the terza rima concept and the English style of writing sonnets with the purpose of bringing the two cultures together. The poet virtually succeeded in creating an account that survived through time as a result of the concepts that it contained. One can even consider that the text is meant to describe an aspect of globalization, taking into account that it describes thinking present in both countries and that the poet focuses on using the sonnet and the third rhyme as means to make his poem as appealing as possible.

8. John Keats: When I Have Fears

The moments when I feel afraid that my life might end,

Before my writings have gathered most of my creative thoughts,

Before a significant number of books,

Comes to collect ideas generated by my thinking;

The moments when I observe the sky filled with stars,

Stars that represent romanticism,

I cannot help thinking that it is possible for me to be unsuccessful

In watching their tracks on the sky;

When I think of you, a noble individual,

One that I will no longer have the opportunity to see,

One that will not provide me with leisure,

One that does not intend to return my love,

I feel lonely and contemplate about how

Love and Fame are no longer going to be appealing consequent to my death.

2. Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" puts across a great deal of elements related to imagery, as the poet most probably wants the public to be provided with vivid imagery concerning his thinking. Virtually all of man's physical sensations are addressed in this poem and this induces strong feelings in most individuals who come across it. Shelley uses a series of senses in an attempt to have people associate
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particular senses with other senses. By being presented with the fact that they can find parallels between one sense and another the masses are probable to experience synesthesia. The poet influences readers in associating visual elements with sounds by putting the words "melodious" and "beechen green" together. Similarly, he relates to how one can associate between visual concepts and feelings, as he uses the word "sunburnt" together with the word "mirth."

As the storyline advances the poet starts to realize that things are not actually as he believed them to be. Moreover, he feels less certain regarding the state that he is in and he sees the nightingale as the only element that can assist him in distinguishing between imagination and reality. The seventh stanza makes it possible for readers to understand that the poet is confused and that he is not certain that he had just experienced an episode involving a nightingale and the inspiration that it induced in him.

3. Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" and Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale" both put across the impression that the poets were regretful regarding their condition and that they were unhesitant about dreaming. The two odes make it possible for readers to understand that these poets were particularly frustrated regarding their condition and wanted to do everything in their power with the purpose of accomplishing their dreams, even if this virtually meant that they have to dream.

In spite of the fact that Shelley is successful in praising the West Wind, he fails to describe it in its entire greatness and it actually appears that he identifies with this weather phenomenon. In contrast, Keats uses the fragility of human nature with the purpose of emphasizing the nightingale's importance.

9. Beginning: The Ancient Mariner stops the Wedding Guest and begins to tell the story. The action then goes back in time at the moment when the mariner embarked on a ship. The Mariner then proceeds to tell the story and relates to the first major element that affected the well-being of the crew. A powerful storm took the ship off its course and pushed it south to Antarctica causing great uproar among the travelers. Conditions seemed to be changing as an albatross appeared and as it guided the ship out of the mist and out of Antarctica's icy waters. The wedding guests are confused with regard to the old man's sad appearance and ask him what happened. He then proceeds to tell them that he shot the albatross and that even more suffering followed this event as his men believed that every problem that they came across was a direct result of this killing. Many days without water and wind followed and the sailors started to suffer more and more. They blamed the mariner for everything that was happening to them and they even forced him to wear the albatross around his neck as a sign of guilt. Consequent to several days of seeing nothing but water all around them, crewmembers came across a ship owned by Death and by Life-in-Death. These two characters started to play dice and the latter won. The mariner's companions started to die one by one as a result and the mariner was left with no other option than to stand by and watch as mysterious forces caused the ship to move closer and closer to the shore. He ultimately came to realize that it was now his job to provide humanity with the moral teaching of his experiences. Consequent to becoming familiar with the Ancient Mariner's story the wedding guest leaves sadder and wiser.

10. 1. Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "Kubla Khan" relates to the importance of imagination and actually stresses this concept with the purpose of having readers acknowledge the fact that it essential for them to focus on their imagination as much as possible. One of the key elements demonstrating that the poem is meant to induce inspiring feelings into its readers is the fact that it relates to Orientalism. Romantics thought about this concept and felt inspired by it as a result of its exoticness and because of its vivid colors. It is basically as if the poet experiences unity with the universe through being inspired by it. The dome city represents the concept of imagination, as its appearance would most probably instill intense feelings in anyone.

2. The Ancient Mariner stands as a symbol for all individuals who performed an error at one point during their lives and suffered greatly as a result of…

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