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It also requires conscious effort at objective because of the inherent of the method applied. Sampling plans narrows its frame to that particular sample, this to shows the group of people who are participating in the study. It samples can be selected through probability and non-probability (Mack & Woodsong, 2005).

Research design

In most cases research design is used in the education sector and it takes different meaning depending with how it's applied. it's normally used interchangeable with the term research method. However, according to Berliner (2002) research design should reflect the whole process of research, starting from the conceptualizing main problem to the question of the research, methods and the conclusion. Identifying a study's research design is important because it communicates information about key features of the study, which can differ for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. However, one common feature across research designs is that at one or more points in the research process, data numbers, words, gestures are collected in different ways and for different purposes.

Critique the survey used for the study.

The survey is built using stratified disproportionate random sampling with subscribers who are considered as to one of 42 cells. In the survey a total of 710 complete questionnaires were sent and received, and in the questionnaires 676 of the respondents indicating that were the people making decision on the purchase for their organization. However, the Penton analyzed on the answers of the 676 buyers, again the data of the study were analyzed by using weighting responses from each cell according to their percentage makeup in overall population. The whole margin error of the survey is indicated as ± 4% at the 95% level of confidence. In more elaborate a good number of follow-up through telephone interviews were conducted with 40 respondents, to gain a deeper understanding of their behavior and attitudes.

Prepare the survey for analysis. Set up the code sheet for this study. How will this study be set up to be tabulated by a statistical analysis program like SPSS?

The analysis of the research will involve the coding of the collected data and then transcribing it. The interviews will be coded and then the outcome analyzed using SPSS. The coding will be done by re-reading the interview and then effectively classifying the relevant information into a series of cells (also known as cross-categories. The coding sheet is show below.

For an immediate product or service

For a Nonimmediate product

Did not do in the past year

Reader service card



Toll-free telephone



Fax number












For an immediate product or service=1

For a Nonimmediate product =2

Did not do in the past year=0

How SPSS will be used

The coding values will be entered into SPSS and then an analysis of the correlation between the variables be carried out. The statistical significance test will then be used in determining the importance of variables in order of significance.This will be carried out using the npar tests.

Assume you are compiling your research report. How would you present the statistical information within this case to the IndustryWeek decision maker, the manager who must decide whether or not to continue to publish reader service cards?


Assume you are compiling your research report. What are the limitations of this study?

The limitations of this study include the lack of reproducibility for other forms of media, the inability for the findings to be used for nonprofit making and public organizations.

Assume you are the decision maker for IndustryWeek. Given the declining value of the reader response card to subscribers, originally designed as a value-enhancing service to IW readers and advertisers alike, what further research might be suggested by the findings of this study? Or do you have sufficient information to stop the use of the reader response cards in IndustryWeek?

There is a need to conduct further research on the exact market segment (in terms of age, sex or social status) that is disregarding the use of reader response cards.


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