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Because of the fact that they are Negros, they have been oppressed and intimidated on several occasions. Malcolm X also makes some historical claims when demanding the civil rights. He states that Negro revolt has been going on since 1945 in the whole world and in 1964 will see that it then emerges to be a black revolution. He claims that this revolution has been happening in Asia, Africa and Latin America for the not white individuals. The blacks who were colonized by the Europeans I Asia have been involved in the struggle for since 1945. For the Mexican-American struggle for equality also involves some historical statement especially in 1965 when referring to Cesar Chavez who has had major contribution for the La Raza Unida quest for the rights through non-violent means.

Reason for the timing of the civil rights demands

In the Montgomery bus boycott, the people are demanding for their right now because they are tired of the situation which has been going on for a long time. The incidence of Mrs. Rosa Parks provided the opportunity of addressing the oppression that has been happening overtime. The people are also protesting now because the American democracy allows them to do so without incarcerating them which would have been the case if it was in the communist nation. In the ballot or the bullet, the demand of the civil rights is now because the country is at the best position to put forth a change in the form of bloodless revolution. Prior revolutions have been characterized by bloody wars but America is equipped to bring about bloodless revolution through granting of voting rights to the blacks. For the La Raza Unida timing is now because of awakening brought about by the veterans of the Second World War who realized that they were being mistreated when they came back. The Mexican-Americans were determined to make their sacrifice count when they emerged from the Second World War

These rights are inalienable because they are universally acceptable in the different countries. Considering the Montgomery bus boycott, the rights are recognized by the constitution and the democracy allows for them to be clear in the available put into practice. Martin Luther King makes references to his citizenship and the democracy. As for Malcolm the rights are also provided by the constitution. In the Mexican -- American, the rights are provided by the democratic system.

Consequence of failure

The civil rights activists for the Montgomery bus boycott are using non-violent approaches in demanding their rights. This is in line with the approach that Martin Luther King always uses therefore it's expected that the people will continue with the peaceful demonstration until their plights are heard. As for the Malcolm protesting people, they are at this moment peaceful. However if their rights i.e. voting rights are denied, the black man will start using the bullet as a new way to advocate for their rights. They will turn into violent movements and use violence so as to gain their rights.


The civil rights movements in the post was a reaction by most of the war veterans who came from the war hoping to be respected because of the sacrifice that they had given only for them to find that they are still stuck in a segregated and racist nation. This was also in sharp contrast to the freedom principals that they had fought for overseas. Therefore the civil rights seeds were sowed as the as demands were then put forth by the black leaders for equal rights. Martin Luther King was one of the leaders and in this instance he is seen leading the boycott of the Montgomery bus. He advocates for the equal rights of the blacks that they may be respected by their counterpart white citizens particularly in the bus stations. Malcolm X is also advocating for the civil rights of the black people in his expression of the ballot or the bullet. He is expressing the importance of the voting right to be granted because it will be useful in a bloodless revolution. He warns however that the failure to grant the right will lead to retaliation by violence of the bullets. The last incidents considered by the paper is the Mexican-Americans rights group through the faction called La Raza Unida. The members of this group seek to advocate the right of the Mexican-American having realized that there…

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