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Walking on grass while it rains, looking at the blue sky and hearing the bird chirp, and letting cool breeze touch the skin are amongst some of the most refreshing moments which one would loathe. The refreshment and serenity arising from such moments rather define environment as a miraculous beauty. Despite the ease and satisfaction associated with nature, ecological problems go hand in hand with the reality of the surrounding. Ecological issues are environmental issues such as overpopulation, climatic changes, land degradation, pollution and many more. These problems do not only destroy the splendor of nature, but they adversely affect life. As a matter of fact, these ecological issues are a result of human activity which leaves a drastic impact on the environment.

While considering the different environmental issues, it is important to shed light on urbanization which is a major ecological issue. Urbanization is commonly referred to the settlement process whereby population concentration in discrete areas grow because of which land is used up and transformed for commercial, transportation, industrial and residential purpose. Urbanization is a matter of concern mainly because of the continuous growth in the urbanized area. Despite the usage and transformation of land, there is an environmental and ecological concern because of this concept.



Some of the consequences of urbanization include health related issues, waste disposal, pollution and urban sprawl. On this matter, the growth of population is seen as the major factor in contributing to the environmental problems as it results in an increasing demand for food, for shelter, clothing, energy, heat and more. This automatically poses the greater problem of meeting these needs and supplying the resources to every person. For instance, in order to meet the food requirements of the masses, more land is required for cultivation which would then again contribute in the pollution levels of the countries. Moreover, in order to create space for the settlement of the growing population, agricultural and fertile lands are greatly been converted for infrastructure and to meet the requirements of the population. This results in the removal of vegetation thereby disturbing the natural ecosystem. This can also have effects on the hydrological system of the coasts which damages mangroves, beaches, swamps which otherwise hindered erosion and helped in forming habitats for the species. Consequently, wild life is also ruined because of such urban activities.
Urbanization also results in a problem of solid wastes. The proper management of solid wastes includes the collection along with its transfer, recycling and its disposal.…

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