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Education is important to me personally and where it fits in my life as compared to other priorities

Education has always been an important part of my life. Right from the start, I recognized its value in the perception that I was fortunate to be born in America rather than in India. As oldest son of immigrant persons, were I to live in India I would be part of the world's largest illiterate populations, and, although receiving a primary education (since the Indian government has made that compulsory), I might have been compelled to support my parents in struggle for livelihood, thus forgoing any opportunity for higher education

My recognition of my privilege was 'bulldozed' into me this summer when I collaborated with the Missionaries of Charity, a charity organization established by Mother Teresa in Kolkata. While teaching elementary mathematics and English to the poor and homeless children as part of the charity teaching program, I saw how education can make a huge change in a person's life. Here were the children, poor and parentless, eyes sparkling with the little bit of elementary math and English that we take for granted here in the States.

As student with aptitude towards science, I designed, constructed, and calibrated a device capable of launching a projectile into a target area. In the 2009 Science Olympiad's, I ended up at the middle of the pile at the State finals, but,
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in 2010, with a brand new design, I competed again and received 3rd place medal for Trajectory at finals. I was awarded two medals, one at trajectory and one in dynamic planet. I enjoyed the build events that allowed me to explore various science theories and apply them to improve our design, but, most importantly, I learned from this experience that the difference between success and failure exists in conquering our fears, and in our willingness to take risks.

The victory at the 2010 state finals was a story of perseverance and focus. I understood, what the great leader Sir Winston Churchill said, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."

But I have not always been successful. In .. I flunked the Physical Science test due to a fatiguing day of swimming, a car accident, and volunteering at the Fremont Hindu Temple. Education creeps in insignificant ways. Life gives us lessons, too. With little preparation the evening before, I had to think to remember even the simple conversion formulas. The first few questions took a long time, and with only five minutes left, I panicked. I could not finish the test, and ended up losing nine points out of thirty. Even here, whilst struggling through the exam, I realized that preparing for an examination and the strategy for taking a test are different. Failure, I told myself, can be the steppingstone to success;…

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Harker is a top-notch non-religious high school with an expansive and challenging curriculum, outstanding faculty and a penchant for focusing on academic excellence. I would like to attend Harker to enhance myself academically, emotionally, intellectually and to embark on my journey of matriculating to prestigious universities for higher education.

Harker's vision of being an innovative leader with the use of state of the art technology for education will empower me to be creative and imaginative while still being bound to the confines of the challenging academic program. I am interested with Upper School club eCybermission, and greatly encouraged by the fact that Harker's students have received the highest scores in the nation for AP Computer Science. While reading the materials, I was intrigued by the fact that Harker's science and technology center, Nichols Hall was designated with prestigious Gold LEED-certification. I also hope to explore the area of facilities management, energy management with real time monitoring of operational data with an overall goal of achieving environmental and corporate sustainability.

Finally, the structured activities at Harker's athletic department emphasize core values such as commitment, dedication, leadership, respect and teamwork. An education at Harker with extensive after-school offerings will prepare me for a life where I can feel proud about my accomplishments and the positive impact I have made during my pursuit of success as a global citizen. Harker's philosophy is an intent to foster "academic excellence, self-discovery and personal integrity" ( I see this as ebign importan to my life, and, therefore, I wish to attend Harker's.

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