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Over the last several years, educators have been facing considerable challenges in meeting rising expectations for performance. This is because a host of solutions (such as the No Child Left Behind Act) have not addressed the lack of student achievement. Instead, academic performance has continued to linger and become worse in some areas (i.e. mathematics and science). (Hannah, 2012)

In New Jersey, the Core Content and Common Core Curriculum standards is designed to provide clarity on specific subjects and topics students must learn in order to graduate from high school. To fully understand how this occurring requires examining the way it is related to the concepts from Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses and a contemporary issue. This will be accomplished by focusing on the modes of communication, its shape and the way the literature can provoke cultural insights. Together, these elements will highlight how the Core Content and Common Core Curriculum standards are addressing selects challenges using Metamorphoses as a source. (Hannah, 2012)

Select one cultural lens (graphic organizer)

The graphic organizer is concentrating on how science curriculum is taught based upon common cultural beliefs and practices. This is an area of contention, as American students have been underperforming in science for many decades. What makes the situation so troubling; is these levels are becoming consistently worse in the last few years. These issues are creating an
...In the future, this will more likely result in reduced innovation and productivity for many firms. (Rich, 2012)

What modes of communication do you most often use to express yourself?

The most common forms of communication that are used to express ideas include: verbal, written and physical. Verbal communication is when someone is being spoken to directly or indirectly. It is based upon something that was said. This can occur over the Internet, telephone or in person. Written communication is something that is recorded using an electronic device such as: computer or pen / pencil / piece of paper. At the same time, there are text messages and tweets which are posted on social networking sites. Physical communication is the body language, the way someone carriers themselves or facial expressions to convey emotions. (Wandberg, 2000)

Generally, how do various modes of communication shape intended messages?

The forms of communication will determine the kinds of words that are utilized. For instance, when someone is talking, they will say things differently vs. If it was written. In the last several years, writing is changing with many short phrases and initials used to convey various ideas. This shapes the intended message by showing the underlying amounts of emotion and the sophistication of the individual. (Wandberg, 2000)

How can literature provoke cultural insight beyond the text itself?

The literature can lead to cultural insights, through offering a better understanding of different concepts from contrasting perspectives. This is because each author will have their own interpretations about various events and their underlying meaning upon them. These opinions will shape how someone looks at various events and their impact on them. (Wandberg, 2000)

Two Scenes from the Play and the Core Content and Common Core Curriculum Standards


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