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("Science 21-Update Grade 6, Unit 4," 2009)

There is important background information in store for the teachers in this area. This particular activity concentrates on the notion that the natural system of the earth possesses a balance and the different components or members of any one system should react and work in close association in order to achieve and keep the balance. It is important to understand that an ecosystem functions in the best possible manner when every living factor as well as the non-living factors are able to live in harmony. This activity helps the students with a scope to build their independent balanced system. With gradual removal of one or two members of the system, it is going to affect but the system will not have any problem in functioning. But on the other hand, in case a lot of members are eliminated from the system, it loses its equilibrium and fails. ("Science 21-Update Grade 6, Unit 4," 2009)

(e) Discuss at least one example of how the curriculum will be affected by the change/trend

The curriculum will be more learner-centric and help in proper understanding by the students. In a step in this direction, Boses has collaborated with three separate areas. Boses will help in developing resources and programs crafted to assist the students in preparation of educational and employment needs of the twenty-first century. Popular in a collective manner as the Joint Management Team -- JMT, the four Boces as also their 93 component school districts are included within the geographic area. The endeavors till the present date has been concentrated in raising the awareness of BOSES staff, component school district administration as also teachers leaders to the genuine requirements for educational change in the area. Following the insight obtained in the popular book by Thomas Friedman -- "The World is flat" understands that educators have a moral obligation to undertake a leadership role in readying students to face the realities of the global economy. ("Creating our Future Boces: BOCES Call to Action," n. d.)

Starting with the Boses of each school district and up-scaling the same to the 93 component school districts, Boses will impart the students the proficiencies needed to be successful in the workplace of the present era. This will ensure that they are capable of earning living wages and maintain the competitiveness of USA on the likes which the earlier generations did. ("Creating our Future Boces: BOCES Call to Action," n. d.) Science 21 is a science program that is inquiry-centric aimed at students in Grades K-6. The program is operative in a lot of Long Island school districts. In order to help teachers those who are new to the program as also teachers who have changed grade levels, or the teachers who are just desirous of a refresher Science 21 workshops are offered in case of every grade level. ("Science 21-- Staff Development Program," 2009)

f) How has this change affected the science curriculum or the science program of New York state education?

Science 21 has put a profound effect on the Science Program of NY State Education as the program of Science 21 is based in and steered by the 'NYS Learning Standards and Assessments.' It covers plenty, exhaustive menu of services, all intensely entrenched with the present educational matters and 'approaches to learning.' Some of these are (i) Staff Development: 'Regional workshops, seminars & symposiums and seminars' provide superb 'learning' facilities 'for educators'. The workshops are suitably designed to support the latest 'thinking in education', and lend a platform for 'new ideas'. (Eastern Suffolk BOCES, 2009) (ii) In-district Workshops: These workshops 'are


These workshops are tailored by BOCES staff 'in collaboration with the district administrators.' (Eastern Suffolk BOCES, 2009) (iii) In-district mentoring and coaching: This procedure is adopted by a lot of 'school districts to supply the' added support which might be needed 'by teachers either in a' specific grade stage 'or content area.' (Eastern Suffolk BOCES, 2009) Coaches with expertise in several areas over a specific time period, in classrooms with teachers and outside the classrooms during training sessions with the teachers as also their administrators (iv) Curriculum development: K-6 Science Program is also been supported by the Science 21 program through provision of "delivery, pick-up of kits, professional development and instructional support." (Eastern Suffolk BOCES, 2009)

g) A few advantages and disadvantages to teaching science in this way:

(i) Prevention of Drop-outs: BOCES as well as component school districts are working in tandem to eliminate student drop-outs through the program known as 'Converge for Success' via 'administrator teams from BOCES and area schools' who visit the districts having 'high drop out rates and spend a week observing' the manner in which the school functions. (Washington-Saratoga BOCES, 2008) (ii) Closing on gaps in achievement: BOCES renders great endeavors to assist the teachers locate the correct instructional approach for students depending on the 'latest research' relating to 'brain development and styles.' It is important to note that educators are able to access this information in a lot of ways including 'professional development workshops' extended on-site via 'School Development Services.' (Washington-Saratoga BOCES, 2008) (iii) Instilling initial literacy competencies: BOCES gives a Pre-School Program for students within the age of three and four having problems "with speech, language, motor skills, and cognition, learning or delayed emotional / behavioral development." (Washington-Saratoga BOCES, 2008) The robust 'language-based Preschool Program' assists youngsters cope with their peers wherein they are able to begin "Kindergarten with their friends in their home schools." (Washington-Saratoga BOCES, 2008) More than fifty percent 'of the children in BOCES Preschool' at no point of time 'enter the Special Education System.' This helps in the major 'savings for school districts' as well as 'taxpayers' at the local level. (Washington-Saratoga BOCES, 2008)


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