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Computer models are not yet sophisticated enough to predict actual consequences of global warming, but many scholars believe that there will be rapid and increasing variations in extreme weather patterns (e.g. dramatic changes in rainfall, freezing temperatures, storm systems, heat waves, etc.), possible aggravated melting of the polar glaciers causing a rise in ocean levels, disruption of global agriculture, and adverse health effects resulting from unplanned temperature changes (Gore, 2006).

8. Compare and contrast results from previous disciplinary or interdisciplinary research.

(Chemistry, Geology, Ecology, Biology, Botany). While still controversial, the theory that industrialization, pollution, and human technological events affect weather and climate patterns is relatively undisputed. Modern industrial methods release greenhouse gases (GHGs), the most consequential being carbon dioxide (CO2). Of course, some greenhouse gases are already part of the Eco-System, occurring from volcanic activity, forest fires, etc., it is the volume of burning fossil fuels, improper agricultural practices, and poor forestry management that contributes more CO2 than is natural. These human activities do increase GHGs, and concentrate more heat into the planet, rather than allowing it to reflect back into space. Potentially, this build-up of GHGs, and the resultant warming, includes other serious consequences: serious disruption of commercial and agricultural systems, larger areas of aridity, a measurable rise in sea levels, more exceptional weather conditions in all types, and a completely changed nature of the earth's Eco-System.

9. Develop a more comprehensive/integrative analysis.

The increase in temperature stresses earth's plant life; during drought they starve for water, during floods, washed away

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