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Nursing Phil

Throughout my life, I have exemplified core Christian values like faith and temperance. Christian role models have helped me to shape a character and identity that is conducive to a life of selfless service, which I view the nursing profession to be. I want nothing more than to participate in a Christian nursing community, with the goals of making the world a better place one patient, and one community, at a time. Effective nurse education will allow me to develop my skills in all areas of nursing: from leadership to bedside practice. The Mark and Huldah Buntain School of Nursing is unique in that it offers a perfect fusion of Christian values with cross-cultural awareness, and correspondingly, cultural sensitivity.

I have always valued my spiritual health every bit as much as my physical and psychological health. This is why I gravitated towards the Mark and Huldah Buntain School of Nursing Baccalaureate program. The vision of holistic nursing that is commonly used is insufficient to me because it often excludes God from that vision. I firmly feel that God is in the vision of healing and nursing on a grand scale. Nurses heal communities and individuals alike. A Christian vision of nursing unites all the core principles of a healthcare practice under one common rubric. We work with people from different cultures, and religious backgrounds too, because it is our duty and obligation to God to heal others. Gifted with the calling of nursing, and with the intellectual and emotional tools to succeed in the career, nurses like me will help any and all healthcare institutions achieve their goals.

My short-term goals are obvious: to enter the Mark and Huldah Buntain School of Nursing as a Bachelor's degree candidate, and to excel in the program. Mid-range goals include networking with fellow nurse students so that in the future we can work together on important projects, such as internships abroad in places of great need. My long-term goals include leading a team of nurses in developing/third world countries, to deliver quality health care to the people on the planet who suffer the most. However, I also value the opportunity to work for healthcare institutions closer to my own home. At the moment I have no personal obstacles such as family obligations that might impede my ability to pursue either a degree in nursing or a career in this challenging field. I live a clean and healthy lifestyle, drug and alcohol free, which enables me to be a better healer as well as a healthier one.

Although I lack professional experience in the field of nursing per se, I have worked in healthcare institutions as a paid employee and also as a volunteer. Volunteering has long been an important part of my life, as my mother actually made all her children take on some type of charitable work offered through the church when we turned thirteen. I chose to work in the local senior assisted living facility. I chose the senior facility because I liked old people; I had a very strong relationship with both of my grandparents on my mother's side. I would listen to their stories and took care of them in their time of greatest need. At the senior center, it was like my family expanded. I bonded with several of the residents, who were lonely because their own children did not visit them for various reasons. The work I did was mundane, on the one hand: scrubbing floors at the end of the day or after accidents; or making sure the seniors were occupied by playing games with them. I helped to lead dances, and turned on the television for them, mediating disputes about which channels to watch. The experience was, however, far from mundane. It was a very important spiritual experience for me, and a great source of personal learning and development. The organization was run by what can be called a secular institution; there were no express religious values discussed in the code of ethics or mission statement. And…

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