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Personal Leadership Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan

The nursing profession is about helping people. The nurse has an innate sense of caring for others and wanting to ease their suffering. This is the central reason why anyone wishes to become a nurse. Currently, a nursing shortage means that nurses can have a steady supply of places to work and currently some of the highest wages of any profession in the country. However, that is not a good reason to become a nurse. At the end of the day, with aching feet and an aching back, the nurse has to have another reason for doing what they do. The following will explore my personal vision and plan for developing my own leadership skills within the nursing profession.

Personal Vision Statement

A vision statement consists of the guiding principles that drive a nurse to pursue their career and endure grueling hours and the stress that can sometimes come along with the profession. My personal vision statement includes a focus on both myself and on others. I plan to use Florence Wald as my model in building leadership and in mentoring others (Adams, 2010). My personal vision is:

"To develop my personal leadership skills through nurturing and helping others who are under my care. By giving of myself to help others, I will create opportunities for personal growth and development."

Personal Plan

When I first enter the nursing profession, I hope to gain experience in general nursing, such as in the role of a floor nurse at a local hospital. I then hope to enter into a specialty area such as geriatrics or in hospice. In five years, I hope to be in a leadership role within one of these specialized areas of care. My role in five years will be in a position where I can lead others in the care of patients within my area of specialty. I wish to specialize in the care of the elderly and in those who are at the end of their life cycle. It is my hope to provide care to those in a nursing home or other specialized geriatric living facility.

I hope to contribute to the profession on a local and global level by continually exploring new ways to meet the needs of this special patient group. I hope to implement new programs to help make their life better and to help spread these new programs to other similar facilities. It is my hope to provide and new and innovative look to the field of geriatrics and hospice care. I will continually strive to find new ways to help this special group of citizens.

The first step in achieving these goals is to finish my nursing degree and begin working in the general nursing profession, perhaps as a floor nurse at a local hospital or nursing home. While there, I plan to continue my education in my chosen specialty area. Working in the same area in which I am studying will allow me to internalize the practical applications of what I am learning in the classroom. As I work and learn, I will gain both academic and practical knowledge in my chosen field.

One of my most valuable assets in achieving my goal is that I get along well with senior citizens. I love to hear their stories and the wisdom that they have to share. They have lived their life and I believe that they have a lot to share, if someone is willing to listen. I have a passion for helping…

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