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As I have expanded my work efforts at the hospital, I have realized more and more that the human element in such relationships is irreplaceable. While technology may shape the future of the human race, only humanity can touch individual lives. Even the greatest advances in medical knowledge and techniques require similar progress in healthcare accessibility, better education about health issues, and strong doctor-patient relationships. Spending time watching the doctors and talking to patients convinced me that, in addition to my research in technology, I wanted to work directly with people who are in need of help.

I am excited to be back on my original path towards medicine, and am confident that my computer science skills will add much value as I research medical technology. My work at the hospital has shown me that there is much room for improvement in the medical industry, particularly when it comes to educating people on how to improve and maintain their health. Unfortunately, I see a lot of ignorance in the hospital, as people come in with problems that are solely based on poor nutrition and a general lack of medical knowledge. For this reason, I want to become a doctor not just to treat but also to educate people.

Due to the additional time I must spend building a background in biology, I have not had a chance to begin a medical internship. However, I am dedicated to my work on a Web site that educates people on nutrition, lifestyle and more. My current position involves researching articles on nutrition and designing the site with that information to help educate people. I am confident that my research skills will be of great benefit when I become a doctor, as my knowledge of health and nutrition has greatly improved.

One reason for attending medical school is that I want to prepare myself for the future by getting a better education. Another reason is that I would like to give my parents the satisfaction of having a son who is a doctor. However, the most important reason is that I believe that I have so much to offer patients.

In my own career as a physician, I will strive to serve my patients not only as a healer, but also as a friend, supporting them in their toughest moments, and as a teacher, guiding them to live healthy lifestyles. Computers and technology may assist in my endeavors, but they will never duplicate the compassion of doctors.

As someone who has always been goal-oriented and dedicated to making the most out of life, I am looking forward to beginning medical school. My life to date has prepared me to deal with many challenges and also has shown me the determination, resilience, strength, and love for mankind that are rooted in my personality. As I look toward my future in medicine, I believe these qualities will enable me to succeed and be a valuable asset to the medical industry.

My experiences so far have been very rewarding and I anticipate that working as a doctor will be equally rewarding and look forward with great enthusiasm. Given the opportunity, I will make the most of my years at medical school and graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be a professional caregiver.

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