The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana Outweigh The Implied Dangers Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana

Early in 1930, marijuana was made illegal by the pulp paper industry in collaboration with the government and renamed it the "Devil's Weed." One thing is for sure, the strangling holds the government struggles and pretends to hold on the war on drugs specifically marijuana is irrational. The government has wasted countless dollars convicting law-abiding citizens just for possessing and using marijuana. The wastage is also related to the withholding of the medical benefits of the plant. Besides, it has missed numerous amounts of money if only they would regulate it like cannabis and tobacco; then they would gain (Van Ours, 2006).

For economic research, the legalization of marijuana seems to be a very unconventional theme, but with the current economic crisis, conventional problems will require unconventional solutions. In most western countries, marijuana usage, trade, and possession are criminal activities, and that is why empirical data on this topic is scarce. Globally, there is a growing support to legalize marijuana by countries like Denmark, Italy, and the United Kingdom. On 25 March 2015, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are the five states looking to legalize marijuana. In Colorado for example, they became the world's first...


Colorado State has started selling weed to both non-residents and residents (

Research conducted shows that young people suffering from mental illness or the use of self-medicated drugs would be helped by legalizing and regulating marijuana. In the federal election campaign, marijuana has emerged as an issue, and the promise made by the Liberals is to legalize the plant (Hager, 2015). According to the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, their study on the use and abuse of drugs gave an estimate of about a quarter of young adults and teens have used marijuana in 2013. This figure is more than two and half times the percentage of adults who are over 25 years old. The Scientific evidence argues that younger patients with mental health issues such as bipolar disorder or anxiety often smoke marijuana to calm their symptoms. Therefore, accessibility of marijuana is easy attainable (Ramful & Zhao, 2009).

Legalizing and regulating marijuana in the formal economy is a step ahead for the government because it is the nation's largest cash crop that creates jobs and economic opportunities instead of having it on the illicit market. Regulating and taxing marijuana brings in much-needed revenue to state coffers. Scientists have demonstrated that smoking marijuana for patients having cancer chemotherapy and glaucoma has reduced nausea and pain. More to the point, thousands of doctors, patients, and their families have witnessed and experienced the medical benefits associated with marijuana.…

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