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This has also been suggested by the survey of Forbes (2012). When some people are overpaid and the majority is underpaid, it leads to economic and social disparity in the society. Social disparity results in an increase in the crime rate as people are frustrated by lack of opportunities and consider crime as the only means which can provide them with their basic necessities. Economic disparity deprives people to meet their basic needs as the prices increase when economy grows. But this growth is limited to the elites in the society and there is no regard for the middle and lower class communities. Both the factors are unhealthy for the prosperity of a society as a whole.

Racism is another issue portrayed in the movie. Although there have been stringent regulations regarding racist remarks but research has shown that almost 51% Americans engage in abusive comments towards the black community (Brazile, 2012). Racism indirectly leads to segregation as well. In addition to that, it creates an environment that is violent and sensitive. It is astonishing that in the current era, people are still involved in racism and equality in terms of race is neglected even by the most developed countries around the world. This is particularly common in the sports industry, where black players are subjected to racial abuse from the opposing teams when they play well. Not only it discourages them from participating in the good of the society but also creates inferiority in their minds. This leads to serious implications such as stereotyping that the entire white community is racist. Thus, teamwork is severely hampered which is the basis of any sports around the world.

In professional sports, there have always been unfair tactics employed by a number of coaches in order to gain an unfair advantage. These include influencing referee decision, injuring opposing players by targeting their weak spots and using unethical techniques for enhancing the performance of players (Kramer and Pittinsky, 2012).

In my opinion, sports are a platform which provides an opportunity to players for living their dream and improving their economic situation significantly at the same time. Thus, it should be played in its spirit and illegal acts should be punished strictly. Referees can be prone to errors as they are humans but they should not cloud their judgment on the basis of influence from the coaches.

In the end, it would be appropriate to say that the issues of this movie are the same issues that need to be addressed in the current era in order to provide an opportunity for the society to develop. Cultural and racial diversity is important within a community as it results in teamwork, unity and professionalism. None of the participants should be chosen on the basis of their religion, color, race, social class or financial position. They should be selected for a task, which suit their qualifications and expertise. The movie shows us that teamwork and unity prevails in the end regardless of the path chosen by people in their lives.


The main issues discussed in this study are summarized as follows:

Poverty has been shown as the cause of over reliance on football as the easy way out for the young generation. Thus, the community of Odessa, Texas in the 80s has similarities to the current economic crisis of the lower and middle class in America. There should be equality in the income distribution among the community, which would be beneficial to all the economic classes.

Favorable attitude towards the famous and rich people by the government as well as the society leads to a number of problems in the long run. The main issue arises when the lower classes consider themselves as the victims of favoritism in the society. As a result, the community is plagued by frustration due to the absence of opportunities to go forward.

Differences in the wages and salaries of the upper class and lower class also have severe repercussions for the society. It deprives the lower class of basic necessities and the economic prosperity in the country is mainly beneficial for the rich as compared to the middle class and poor.

Racism is still prevalent in the society as majority of the Americans have racist attitude towards the black community as shown in the survey conducted by Brazile (2012). Thus, the issue of racism cannot be ignored in the current era and it is still similar in intensity to the past. Racism creates segregation among the black community, which deprives the society of unity and teamwork.

Unethical coaching has been an issue in the sports industry for quite a long time. It damages the spirit of the game as unethical tactics as techniques are used in order to gain unfair advantages. This issue is also prevalent in today's American sports industry. The sports governing bodies have been exploring avenues to prevent such acts but they have not been eliminated yet.

Segregation still exists in America as black people prefer living in separate neighborhoods. In addition to that, black students are enrolled in separate colleges and those colleges are not preferred that have a majority of white students by the parents. This is also a serious issue as segregation was considered illegal more than 60 years ago. The fact that it still exists and to such a large extent is alarming for the society as a whole.


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