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Queens and Kings preferred to fight using allies' lives. In the beginning of 20th century frightened by Germany British empire asked old enemy - Russia to become an ally. British monarch wanted to push off Germany, Russia and France and when they will suffer a lot from the bloody war become the strongest winner of this absurd fight. Russian and French soldiers had to die for Britain.

British rulers dreamed of separating dying Turkey, capturing German colony in the Middle East and terminating German threat.

All these countries had own interests and wanted to realize them in any case. This war had to solve all international problems as leaders of great countries thought. Now we know how they were wrong.

War began between Austro-Hungarian Empire and Serbia. Everybody knew then that other European countries would not stay out of this conflict, politicians were sure that this war wouldn't be local. When analyzing the beginning of this -- world fire -- as historians say, we can find interesting facts explaining many important facts.

The cause of the war, as Austrians said, was assassination of heir of Austro-Hungarian throne F. Ferdinand and his wife by Serbian patriot Gavrila Principe. But anyway heirs' death was not that serious to start any war. Germany instigated Austria to start a conflict. After Ferdinands assassination Austro-Hungary sent an ultimatum to Serbian government. When creating this ultimatum Austrians did their best creating every requirement unacceptable to any sovereign state, they wanted Serbia to refuse fulfilling ultimatum requirements. Serbs didn't want a war but were ready to protect their country from aggressor. They accepted 9 requirements of 10. 10th said that Austrian troops had to occupy Serbian territory. Even German leader said that if he received such an answer he would be absolutely satisfied. By Austro-Hungary had already declared war on Serbia. Russia, main Serbian ally, started mobilization in 5 military districts. But even then there was a chance to stop the beginning war. Everything depended on British position. But London said nothing and this can be explained only because Britain wished this war the same as aggressors - Germany and Austro-Hungary. Russian minister Sazonov told English ambassador that London's strict position blaming Germany can preserve Europe from big war. London didn't say -- no -- . London didn't say -- yes -- . Germany insisted on the fact that that was only local conflict and it was only Austrian and Serbian business. Berlin congratulated Austrian monarch with the beginning of mobilization. The war, which could be stopped in the beginning, started. There was no mutual understanding among Antanta members and Britain saw own interests more important than common. Germany used this misunderstanding among enemies and declared war on Russia because Russian Czar didn't stop mobilization.

Balkan Peninsula has always been very uneasy region because of its multinational structure and religious factor. WWI began there because assassination in Sarajevo was just a -- happy -- occasion for well-known European countries to solve international problems using this primitive method of strength. There was no winners in this war but the United States (USA joined the war at the end of main battles and didn't loose so much people and material resources. USA became world leader after WWI and gained international respect and authority). Many empires collapsed as a result of this conflict. Russian revolution finished Russian participation in WWI and German troops occupied some Russian territories. Many Russian lands received independence (Finland, Poland, and Ukraine). Later in 1917 Bolsheviks managed to make a revolt and got power in Russia. This had influenced world history for the next 70 years. Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed as well. It could not control numerous nations any longer and their wish to be independent won. The result of this event was creation of a new Balkan country - Yugoslavia - federation of Balkan nations. Turkish Empire died at last and it caused stability in that region because neighboring countries got rid of Turkish threat. German revolution in 1918 finished absurd fight of innocent German nation for monarchs interests. France was a winner in fact but this victory was equal to a terrible defeat. Most of battles took place in France, Germany and western parts of Russia, so they became uninhabited destructed territories. Great Britain suffered less than continental neighbors and managed preserving colonies and the whole empire but it was easy to understand that age of empires came to an end.

World War I is a unique symbol of peoples criminal misunderstanding which caused millions deaths of innocent people who didn't care about their leaders interests. All countries which took place in this cruel action (excepting Serbia which fought for freedom against aggressor) are guilty in this terrible crime. Defeated countries were robbed, in fact, by the greedy winners. Germany had to pay extremely large contribution, lost many lands and lost industry. All this caused in future much more serious and traumatic event - WWII. All historians admit that WWII is a result of WWI. Some of them even say that the World War II began since peaceful treaty act was signed in 1918. We must remember this. We must understand this for our children could live in peace.



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