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Birth Control

Pros and Cons of Birth Control

Birth control refers to different methods used to prevent pregnancy. It is also known as contraception or fertility control. Different steps or planning done for birth control is called family planning. As the pregnancies taking place at teenage are more at risk of its harmful outcomes; it is suggested that the youngsters should be given proper sex education and should be introduced to different birth control methods. Birth control can help to protect from the delivery side effects and also increases the survival chances of the children.

It is important for the birth control method to be effective in order to avoid unintended pregnancies. The birth control method being applied can be made effective by using the method correctly and consistently as directed by the physicians. Among different methods of birth control, contraceptive pills are considered to be the most effective method if applied and used correctly.

Planned Parenthood Website

Planned Parenthood consists of an organization that works as the best educators and informers about different health care issues. It provides health care, reproductive and sex information to millions of men, women and youngsters all over the world.

Planned Parenthood helps to educate people about reproduction and sexual issues. It provides useful information to men, women and families and makes them capable to make sensible decisions that help them to lead healthy lives. Planned Parenthood plays a very important role in providing reliable information about sexual relationship and its outcomes online to the youngsters to reduce the high rate of teenage pregnancies and its harmful outcomes.

The Planned Parenthood website enables the users and supporters to have full access to all the health issues and their solutions and motivates them to take part in different campaigns to provide proper health care facilities to the women and to protect the women rights. Planned Parenthood site is designed to help the men, women and families to live in a healthy and secure way.

The Planned Parenthood website is the platform that provides the opportunity to be part of the Planned Parenthood community online and to get easy access to all the information related to health care issues and women rights.

The Planned Parenthood community comprise of the Planned Parenthood federation of America and some of the leading local organizations working together to provide information on reproductive and sexual issues.

Every organization participating in the Planned Parenthood has their own pages on the website that provide information on different health issues and these organizations are responsible for the content available on their pages.

The Planned Parenthood website provides different opportunities to individuals of any age, gender or sex to become a part of the organization and work to serve the community by providing different job opportunities to them online. The website comprises of a section where the individuals are given the opportunity to share their experience and views about the Planned Parenthood organization and how it has been a source through which they have been able to get information on different sexual and health issues and how it has helped them to avoid the harmful outcomes of sexual activities.

The website has a section where it offers the users to donate as much as they can to those who need their help and support. By providing the donation section, it allows the users to feel that they are a part of the community and are able to help those who are suffering from some health issues. By denoting some small amount, it enables the Planned Parenthood to provide proper health information and services to the people all over the world.

The best part of the website is that it has access to all the information related to any health issues and it covers all the important aspects of the issues. It provides clear and accurate information on all sexual issues and helps to have proper understanding of these sexual issues.


The Planned Parenthood website gives an opportunity to the users to share their experience with the Planned Parenthood community of how it has helped them in coping with different health issues in their lives.

A girl named Alicia shared her opinion and experience with Planned Parenthood and how it has been a source of information in her life. She talked about how she has been brought up by a conservative family who always told her not to have sex before marriage. She said that as she had no experience in sexual activities and was not provided any proper sexual information by her family or school sowhen she had sex for the first time, she didn't know how to protect herself from pregnancy. She explained that as she wanted to protect herself from pregnancy, she consulted her friend who suggested that she should visit the Planned Parenthood organization. Alicia shared how she was so nervous and scared to visit the organization for the first time but the warmth with which she was greeted, made her feel comfortable and relaxed. Alicia mentioned, that even as an adult, she remembered the way she has been treated by the community and the way they had made her feel that sex was not something to be ashamed of. Alicia shared that Planned Parenthood helped her and educated her how to use different birth control methods correctly and without any fear.

Articles on Birth Control

In the article "Birth Control: The pill that started more than one revolution" published on 11th May 2010 by New York Times, the author Gardiner Harris talks about the famous birth control pill that has helped countless men and women who didn't wanted to be early parents. Harris pointed out that the pill has been called the most important scientific advancement of the 20th century and how it has brought a revolution in the sexual relationships and has made it possible for the women to have a free life without repeating the mistakes of their mothers. He mentions that the pill is still among the leading birth control methods that are being used by more than 100 million women in the world. "The pill- first marketed as Enovid, by G.D Searle -- has been called the most important scientific advance of the 20th century." (Harris)

In the article "Cash- strapped Women Cut back Contraceptives" published on 8th May 2009 by Tribune Newspapers, the author Shari Roan writes that due to poverty and lack of working opportunities, many couples are delaying to have babies but in some case this poor economy has also lead to unintended pregnancies. Due to the lack of resources and expensive contraceptives most of the women have been forced to switch to the less reliable and cheap methods of birth control. The author points out that a large percent of women have quitted using the expensive methods of birth control because they could not afford it. "The survey- conducted by the Gallup Organization, found 3% of women of child-bearing age had quit using birth control because they could not afford it. (Roan)

In the article "Pfizer's birth control recall has little impact on South Floridians" published on 2nd February 2012 by The Palm Beach, the author Sonja Isger talks about those birth control pills that have been recalled by the manufacturers because they had put the life of some women at risk who have been using these pills to avoid pregnancy. "The company is recalling 1 million packets, some of which have too many tablets while others have too few. "The author states that these pills which had a high demand a decade ago are now not even among the top five sellers on the national level. (Isger)

In the article, "Controversies over Women's access to Birth control" the author Marcia Clemmitt, who is a known CQ researcher, talks about the controversies surrounding the use of birth control methods. The author states that the use of birth control is common among most of the American women but some of the conservative Christians argue that the easy access to birth control has led to the increase in the rate of abortions, teenage pregnancies and divorce. While in some places, easy access to emergency contraceptives have been blocked on the other hand some women are demanding the state legislatures to enforce laws to provide proper health services to the women and make hospitals which provide emergency contraceptives to the sexual victims." However, pharmacists and Catholic hospitals that morally object to birth control are also pressing state lawmakers to expand "conscience clause" exemptions that allow health providers to refuse to provide some legally required services if they have moral or religious objections." (Clemmitt)


The use of birth control methods has gained immense popularity since these methods have been introduced. Each and every method has its own advantage and disadvantages depending on every woman's body and preference. The use of birth control methods has its benefits but can be dangerous in some cases.

The major advantage of using birth control pills is that it is…

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