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¶ … Childhood Obesity and Fast Food

Inductive Reasoning

Empirical Research

Applied Research

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Exploratory Research

Focus Groups


The paper is a research based on the topic of "The influence of fast food on child obesity." The study aims to evaluate and identify the root cause of child obesity. The study is based on a scientific approach by developing a hypothesis and then proving it through data collected.

Inductive Reasoning:

The hypothesis of this research has been developed after a number of general observations. These observations came from generally observing the school friends, cafes and restaurants, and family members. It was observed that children who were eating fast food regularly were fat. Another observation was that when we talk to obese people they often mention that they blame fast food restaurants for their obesity. Since we have developed specific conclusions from general observations, it is an inductive approach.

Empirical Research:

This research is based on the knowledge that is gained through indirect and direct experience or observation. The empirical evidence gathered is analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. The research questions are all covered by the empirical evidence collected.

Applied Research:

The research comes under the category of applied...


The issue of child obesity is a major concern for the families because children are exposed to health problems at a very young age because of obesity. The research provides detailed analysis on child obesity with relation to fast food consumption.

Quantitative Research:

The research is based on the collection of quantitative data which gives the research a quantitative credibility to prove the hypothesis. The quantitative data allows the researcher to present precise information with the help of data gathered which is based on quantifiable parameters.

Qualitative Research:

The research is also based on a qualitative approach through the observations and interpretation of the data. The qualitative aspect of the research gives a deeper view on the topic and the variables discussed in the research.

Research Design:

Exploratory Research:

The research is based on a problem that is not clearly defined which makes it an exploratory research as the purpose of the report becomes clearer and identifies the issue of obesity in children comprehensively.


The research is based on a survey which is based on a sample size of 100. The survey is based on a questionnaire which was distributed online on selected portals of schools.

Focus Groups:

The focus groups were conducted in an attempt to gain insights on this topic from the parents of the children. A total of 5 focus groups were conducted with each focus group having a size of 10 people.


The dependent variable of the research is the obesity of children as it is dependant on the independent variable which is…

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