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Revolution Movies Marketing

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Investigate ways in which community arts organizations develop and maintain an audience

In the recent past, there has been a notable improvement in the field of arts. Many people in the community are now garnering interest in arts like never before. As a result, there has also been an increase in the community art organization. This is of course due to the need to fulfill the demand for the interest in art. However, it is an enormous challenge for organizations to acquire audience. Furthermore, the bigger challenge is to maintain the audience that they already have. Therefore, it is imperative that there are strategies that can happen in both situations. Community art organizations need to use all the appropriate methods to acquire a new audience. This is possible through advertising although the most suitable is to get to know the target group. There should also be information on the venues and the expectations of the audience. It is also extremely hard for an organization to maintain an audience. However, through the right mechanisms, it is also possible for the community art organization to achieve this feat (Cherbo et al. 2008).

.Ways in which community art organizations develop new audiences

An art group can gain an audience where they do not have one originally through many ways. It is crucial that a group does not rely on only one audience, which is the already developed one. This is because art is best appreciated where there is diversity in the audience. There are many reasons why the art group needs this new audience. First, a new audience provides an assessment of the group in general. When people watch art for the first time, they elicit different reactions. Since that is the first time watching the performance, there is unlikelihood of occurrence of bias (Landy 2007). Therefore, the art organization has the capability to determine their work from this new audience. An already developed audience may give a certain bias because they may overlook some aspects. Also, the organization requires a new audience to boost their current base in the market. Thus, it is particularly imperative that the right strategies for attracting the new audiences are in place.

First, there has to be total awareness of the venue. New audience can be in a few forms. There are those that have never been exposed to any form of art before. This group virtually knows nothing about art and, therefore, need guidance. Thus, it is necessary that they are well informed about the venue. There is also part of this new audience that has an experience with other forms of art but not the particular art that the organization is offering. Some members of this group are curious to know the art well and, therefore, the accessibility of the venue has to be a guarantee to them (Grams 2008). Finally, there is part of the group that has enough experience with this particular form of art but are used to a different group. To attract this group is the hardest. This is because they are already attached to another competitor. The first stage is to create awareness of the organization. In particular, knowledge on the venue is particularly imperative in winning them over (Carpenter & Blandy 2008).

The new audience has a lot of diversity due to the difference in backgrounds. Consequently, there is bound to be some language barriers within the group with some, not understanding the material that the art may present. The organization has to review all the promotional material that is available. This is to ensure that they know about the audience even before they meet it. There is also need to check on the information about the audience that may not be known to the other competitors. This way, the organization has the ability to know if the language that they use is accessible by the potential audience (Carpenter & Blandy 2008). It is only after this stage that there can be formulation of strategies on how to combat the discrepancies. An effective method would be to offer bilingual material. Through this manner, the organization will have the capability to reach more audience than before. However, there needs to be serious consultations before taking of such an action.

There are some promotional methods that the organization can use to reach the new audience. Some of these are the formal methods. These methods include mainstream advertising. This could be through the media where the organization has the advantage of reaching many people. Others could be the newspaper advertisements where some of the people follow the events on the arts. The informal methods include the word of mouth. This is the most suitable form of informal communication that the organization can use. This is because of the efficiency that the method has, especially when it comes to persuasion. It is more likely that a new person is attracted to involve themselves in the art by their friends, than it is for the same person to do so because of an advert that they saw on the newspaper. Therefore, the organization has to make sure that they enhance the use of the word to mouth to attract the new audience (Landy 2007).

The best way for the organization to determine how to reach the new audience is through full knowledge about them. The organization has the ability to increase on this knowledge by developing some profiles. These community profiles are able to give a lot of information on the target groups. The creation of these profiles is extremely easy. The organization gathers all the information that is available from the community. They then organize this into groups which are the community profiles. These profiles provide all the relevant information concerning the particular divisions of the community. From these profiles, it is then easy to determine the priorities if each group. Evaluation of the whole society is also possible in general. The next step is to extract the target groups from the whole community (Grams 2008). Since the organization then has a lot of knowledge concerning the groups, they are able to formulate strategies on how to reach these targets.

In some instances, the organization may not have the ability to access the new audience. This could be as a result of inadequate resources to do so, or it could just be a lack of experience. However, other parties may have the ability to handle new target groups. These include professional networks whose sole job description is to handle such matters. The organization could then seek for advice from the networks on how to approach the group. These networks act professionally when it comes to enticement of the new audience. They are fully trained to relate with these groups and have an edge in their activities. These networks have all the information necessary about the target groups (Daragh & Finola 2010). An art organization, which does not have the ability to woo the new audience, can approach the network. This can be either for advice or just a modest offer for help from the network to attract the new audience.

Community art organizations should have mechanisms that will ensure that all the target groups have enough information about it. This is through the formation of distribution outlets. These distribute the information to the public through different methods. The community arts organization has to disseminate the information through all the networks that are available. These include the formal and the informal networks. The formal ones include the use of community ambassadors and advocates. There are people who have the respect of others in the community, and their advice is likely to be heard. Here, the organization will let give their message concerning the arts to them (Daragh & Finola 2010). Consequently, they will go to the community and impact their influence on the community. The informal methods include the use of restaurants and retail shops. In this instance, all the people who visit such entities will see information about the community art organization. Others include the use of libraries and bookshops to spread the message. Centers that involve the youth and the general community are also suitable areas for placing the information. These methods intrinsically inform the potential audience of the existence of the organization. Consequently, the community art organization is able to develop a new audience from these methods.

Ways through which community arts organizations maintain an audience

In order to ensure that the art industry remains at the current level or improves on the status experienced, community arts organizations are entitled to adopt ways of maintaining the old and new audiences. This will help improve the firm's level of profits and reputation in the global context. Building on the current volume or quantity of the audience is vital for the planning of the community arts organization. Consumer or the audience of the entertainment products incur little cost in shifting from one artistic product to the other.…

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