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Teaching Methods for 7-12

There are many different competencies that must be acquired in order for a student to achieve mastery of the English language. Thus for a teacher to be successful in the classroom I suggest they implement a variety of methods to ensure students are exposed to all aspects of English including: phonology and phonetics, pronunciation, intonation, speech vs. written English, grammar and vocabulary. The best teaching method to ensure that students achieve their maximal potential for success is one that is diverse and multi-tiered in nature, incorporating many different teaching methods to ensure students are exposed as broadly as possible to the material being presented.

Not all students learn in the same manner. Thus the teaching method I propose will incorporate lectures, visual aids, group skills development and kinesthetic activities to encourage students to engage all of their senses while learning.

Many different methods can be used to develop student's ability to analyze and understand information, to attain the highest possible level of competency and to create a collaborative climate. I would approach a classroom from a direct instruction approach which will allow teacher/pupil interaction in the classroom and establishment of a concrete set of goals. This type of teaching method will allow me to model the behaviors and skills I would like my students to learn with regard to the English language. It is a directed approach that is more and more commonly being adopted in schools across the nation, largely because it is an effective and efficient method of learning.

Before one can begin to teach within the classroom effectively, they must first plan out their curriculum and approach to learning. Before the start of the year I intend to review each student's portfolio and prior learning achievements to gain a better understanding of what the current skill levels and competencies are of the students I am to be teaching. From there I will be able to develop classroom specific instructional objectives that are based on student's prior learning and achievements thus far.

Instructional objectives will be developed based on the goals that have been established for students and based upon individual's student skills, abilities and desires.

Direct instruction is one of the best ways to promote constant teacher/pupil interaction while incorporating a variety of teaching methods (Lindsay, 2004). The approach can be used to teach students decoding skills, reading comprehension skills, spelling, pre-reading, writing and reading abilities in a skilled and directed manner (Lindsay, 2004; Direct, 2004). Every subject that will be taught in a manner that allows the student to view the subject with regard to the larger context it is associated with. It encourages small group interaction and encourages students to explore new opportunities.

The curriculum will be organized in a manner that allows students to be instructed ahead of time regarding what they actually need to know in order to understand the concepts the teacher will be demonstrating later in the lesson.

Using this method I can present the classroom with a model of instruction, and then ask the students to complete a task. Students are involved in learning because they are participating in small group activities and modeling the tasks that as a teacher I will be performing with students.

To ensure that the broadest range of teaching methods are utilized technology will be incorporated into the classroom environment on a daily basis. Each lesson will be structured in a manner that entails a traditional lecture, student activity, discussion of the outcomes and computer assignment or activity…

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