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Toulmin Model Argument About the Environment

God has obviously put the human beings in a status of having full responsibility over the establishment. In bible in the section called Genesis 2:15 mentions "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made."(2) It is understood that everyone produced are a part of God's contribution to the earth (3) and that all of those that are individuals living on this planet are responsible to take care of it. In Deuteronomy it says "A land that the Lord your God cares for. The eyes of the Lord your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year." This verse clearly explains that God commands us to take charge over the formation in a way that endures, protects, and improves his works so that every part of it will be able to accomplish the dedications God envisioned for it. It is evident from the word of God that we will need to manage the environment not merely for our own advantage but for God's magnificence.



God has obviously put the human beings in a status of having full responsibility.

Genesis 2:15 mentions.

It is understood that everyone produced are a part of God's contribution.

And that all of those that are individuals living on this planet are responsible to take care of it.

This verse clearly explains that God commands us to take charge over the following.

1. The formation

To protect, and improve his works.

Christians are called to be a servant to the lord.

1. To Christianity God is looked at as being the key pillar.

1. All things have been created through Him and for Him." (Colossians 1:16)

Earth is not an unintended marvel

Existing age group should get rid of careless living.

1. Those that will be born in the near future will have some problems.

Exemplifies the omnipresence of patriarchy in all surfaces of life and how deep entrenched male-controlled opinions are in our culture

Evident that there are so many various explanations why Christians

1. First and primary, as God was able to put the earth together.

1. Christians do not need to desert the obligation.

Churches will need to proclaim affirmation declarations.

Human beings are the ones that are called to take care of Planet.

1. They need to take care of the earth just as they take care of their own bodies.

Activity that will help keep the environment intact.

Thesis Statement

Need for definite action that Christians need to be putting in action concerning the environment and its conservation or repair. This is never looked at as being the obligation of religion in order to concern in regards to the nature or environment the new perceptions of Christianity and environment conservation has given the new element of thought and new motive to deliberate the position of saving the environment. This the most prominent issue of combining the concept of Christianity with the environment protection. The main question arise here is why as a Christian it is our duty to preserve nature and what are the steps and actions as a Christian can be taken by us to defend our natural surroundings.

This is never looked as the obligation of the church to be in great concerns in regards to the nature or environment the new thoughts of Christianity and environment preservation has contributed the new measurement of thought and new reason to look at the significance of saving our environment. However, this considered to be the most noticeable problem of uniting the idea of Christianity with the protection to the environment. The chief question ascend here is why as a Christian it is our obligation to conserve nature and what are the steps and activities as a Christian can be taken by us to defend our nature.

With this thesis, it is clear that it covers the fact that there is very strong connection among the environment and Christianity and this need some kind of a proper attention to really recognize the bible. It is deliberated as the new idea, and like any new idea it will of course make some very important and various arguments but there is no need to compete with any concept, the only need is of the appropriate accepting. This is to make available the links among the scientific idea of environment defense and its deep origins into the religion. Christians have continuously confronted the criticism from the environmental militants and scientists for their absence of unease for the environment and now when there is new method of relation between the environment and the need for definite action.


When it comes to Christianity God is looked at as being the key pillar, master and creator of the earth and heavens. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities -- all things have been created through Him and for Him." (Colossians 1:16). This makes the suggestion that the earth is not an unintended marvel as a substitute it is a God-given development that with limitless value and needs to be preserved to remember its beauty like was future in the establishment (Merritt, 2010). In its place, this is never applied for the reason that with human beings, the more they act together with the earth, the more they cause disaster with the ecosystem.

What this existing age group should do is get rid of living that is considered to be careless and start transporting out the role of making life sustainable (Guth, 2005). From the way things are actually looking, it appears that those that will be born in the near future will have some problems because of the way the environment is being treated now. The reason for this is because the environment is not looking too good. It is obvious that life will be much harder for them to make it. However, in this document the line of reasoning is that Christians are accountable stewards who take all the essential actions concerning the environment and its conservation and renovation. Research shows that it is through these procedures that the Christians will set essential models for others living in the world and with time will join in the movement to endorsing sustainable living that will be pleasant for the ecology. With that said, this essay will utilize the Toulmin model (Voss, 2005).

The reality of the all kinds of creation is itself considered to be a challenge to the zealous Christian for the reason that many times, women and men are certain to cut down a tree or kill a living animal against the standard instructions of the initial book of the bible. (Guth, 2005) makes the point that it is faith that has decreased. Also that the environment we live in has been exhausted to the lowest level achievable.


It is evident that there are so many various explanations why Christians need to do things such as approve the deterrence and restoration of the environment. First and primary, as God was able to put the earth together, He likewise made human beings and then put them there to be able to take care of it (Hitchcock, 2005). With that being said, Christians do not need to desert the obligation of associating with God to take care of His formations. By doing it this way, Christians will assure the delicate nature of the ecology is not damagingly taken care of but instead encouraged and sheltered for age groups today and also down the road (Guth, 2005). In response, Christians will spread their part of service to God through the environmental surroundings.

Once more, Churches will need to proclaim affirmation declarations and then be able to start programs that will display the environmental understanding (Voss, 2005). For example churches that are getting involved with recycling programs are able to inspire an environment about a pollution-free atmosphere thus inspiring keeping the environment clean and fruitful. Again, it should be the responsibility of the churches to reinforce this rule. The church should be the ones to encourage the churchgoers in planting trees perhaps by offering them with seedlings, to plant in their households, freely available land, within the church and all over the place. As a way of keeping water preserved, Christians will need to take advantage of the wind and solar energy resources (Guth, 2005).

In addition, individual Christians need to get together and come up with certain activities that will involve enforcing a clean environment. For example, the church should be the ones to work in the direction of stopping worldwide and local combine forces that are out there polluting water supplies. Another type of action could be campaigning against the misuse of marginal parts through the disposal of waste. With that said,…[continue]

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