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Some big endorsements have gone Mitt Romney's way, from an early endorsement from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, to several endorsements from other republican governors around the country. Big names like Donald Trump have also recently endorsed Mitt Romney, proving that he has strong ties in the fiscally conservative business community. In the states in which Mitt Romney has faced primaries, he has received dozens of editorial and local endorsements from a plethora of different sources.

Mitt Romney is putting all of his time and money into markets he thinks that he can win, but also is trying to reach at least second place in every state that he cannot win. With this strategy, even in his weak states such as South Carolina, he still appears to be the second favorite, and the strength of his campaign is not questioned. Mitt Romney is most favored in states which have a lot of business interests at stake, such as Florida, Texas, California, and Pennsylvania. He will likely win the states that the Democrats are most certainly going to win, such as New York, yet these victories will still cement Mitt Romney as the firm choice for Republican challenger to present U.S. President Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney has a great likelihood of success in his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination. Being a clear and unchallenged winner in the next few contests will make him look strong in the lead up to the November election. In order to overcome weaknesses among the working class and poor GOP voters, Mitt Romney needs to spend extra time refining his image and speech performances for the future. If the economy becomes sour like it did in 2008, or if unemployment remains a persistent problem in the American workforce, then Mitt Romney's campaign will likely triumph in the fall.

In conclusion, Mitt Romney should definitely stay in the race, as he has had great success in Florida and New Hampshire, as well as taking second in both Iowa and South Carolina. His strengths outweigh his weaknesses to most republican primary voters so far, and thus Mitt Romney has a steady path ahead of him to officially receiving the GOP nomination this summer.

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I believe Mitt Romney, as the presumptive GOP candidate, should take his time and look over a range of potential candidates for vice president. As the visionary businessman prototype, Mitt Romney could look two ways, the first being a social conservative outside of Washington who is seen as a supplement candidate to fill in the blanks on Mitt's resume. This would most likely be a GOP governor who is popular in his or her swing state, providing a boon to the campaign, which may turn the tide in the final November contest. The alternative strategy would be to pick a candidate seen as improving Romney's general affect around the country, possibly someone who is more popular with the working class who Romney has trouble keeping in touch with.

As for 2012 GOP candidates who may serve as excellent vice presidents, Rick Santorum is first to mind. His campaign has been a solid exercise of social conservatism, the institution of the family, the strengthening of the middle class, and the wholesome values of the American Midwest. The downside of Rick Santorum is that he does not bring a strong personality to the table to face off with Joe Biden's likeability. Santorum does not have the appearance of a president, as he makes speeches in sweater vests. He is however the best choice for Romney from the GOP candidates in the field.

Newt Gingrich is a social conservative but also a deep Washington insider, something that clashes with Romney's campaign of being an outsider. Also, the negative campaign slurs thrown at each other precludes any real political union between Romney and Gingrich.

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