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Personal Branding

My Strengths

We all have our own unique strengths and weaknesses. With regard to my strengths, it is important to note that in addition to having an inherent ability to relate well with others, I am also quite ambitious, creative, open minded, and persistent. In this section, I describe these strengths in significant detail and explain how I have, in the past, made use of them.

To begin with, from quite an early age, I have always been an effective communicator, a trait which, I believe, plays a significant role towards the further enhancement of my ability to relate well with others. Indeed, I always find it easy to not only start but also maintain conversations. I also find it relatively easy to find and keep friends. Essentially, this is a trait I have used in the past to not only acquire friends -- people who have been of great inspiration to me, but to also wriggle out of not-so-pleasant situations.

Secondly, I also happen to be rather ambitious. I live by Donald Trump's mantra that one ought to thing big at all times. As 'The Donald' has stated many times before: "as long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big." At times, my dreams seem outrageous -- even to myself. Some friends even branded me "a dreamer" after I declared that I was planning to own an island by the time I reached the age of forty. It should however be noted that my being ambitious has come in handy in the past. For instance, I could not have attended university were it not for my determination to excel in my education; with education in this case being a stepping stone to better things in life, including owning that island!

Next, I also consider myself artful. The relevance of having a creative mind cannot be overstated. As a matter of fact, those individuals whose impact on the world we live in has been greatest have one thing in common -- they happen to be creative. On this front, one could think of individuals like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, to mention but a few. These are people who have made positive contributions by "thinking outside the box." Using my inherently creative mind, I have in the past been able to solve a wide range of both personal and familial problems. For instance, approximately two years ago, I developed a broom that could easily and seamlessly remove sticky substances stuck on the floor. Seeing that a normal broom could not sweep away some dirt that had essentially stuck on the floor, I figured out that if I installed a retractable plastic device that acted as a scrubber underneath the broom's sweeping bristles, the problem could easily be solved.

Fourth, I consider myself a courageous individual. I am not one of those who are held back by unfounded fears. As a matter of fact, I prefer to do things and deal with the consequences, if any, much later. Although my courageous nature has put me in trouble in a few instances, I must say that overall, it has benefited me. In one instance, two would-be muggers retreated to wherever they had come from after I stood my ground and dared them to attack me. For being courageous, I lost nothing in this particular incident.

Lastly, I am not the type that gives up easily. Even in the face of opposition, I always strive to stand up for what I truly believe in. This has served me well in my academics and elsewhere. Even when the going gets tough, I always hang in there knowing only too well that endurance, like hard work, is critical for success.

My Key Personality Traits

Some of my key personality traits include, but they are not limited to, honesty, adaptability, and dependability. I will discuss each of these personality traits in this section.

To begin with, I consider myself trustworthy and sincere. I dislike dishonest and deceitful people. Over time I have realized that honesty, in the final analysis, is always the best policy. I have also come to the conclusion that a single falsehood could cause people to lose trust in an individual -- trust that could have been built over a long period of time. It is perhaps for this reason that I find it easy to relate well with others -- one of my top five strengths as identified elsewhere in this text. People view honesty as a rare virtue -- of which it is. Honesty is also a trait I highly value in others.

In addition to being honest, I am also highly adaptable. I do not find it difficult to adapt to new conditions -- a trait that has come in handy when there is need to embrace change. I must say that to be adaptable, I have had to adopt a positive outlook and embrace tolerance.

Next, from the testimonies of my friends, people who know me well, I am a dependable individual. I do not have a habit of failing others -- I can be relied upon. Like honesty, dependability has also helped me keep friends as people can count on me regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

Unique Interests that Describe Me

We all have things that interest us at a personal level. It is rare to find a scenario whereby an individual's interests match those of another in an identical manner. My unique passions or interests include helping the needy, reading business journals and magazines, and keeping fit. These are the unique passions that describe or define my personality.

First and foremost, I derive a lot of satisfaction from helping those who are in need -- individuals who require various interventions most. Being a religious person, I strongly believe that helping the needy is a divine calling. I also have a compassionate heart -- in that I find it difficult to disregard the needs of an individual whenever I am in a position to offer some assistance.

I have also always been passionate about business. Reading business materials hence comes naturally. Some of the business materials I routinely peruse include, but they are not limited to, the Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. In reading such materials, I benefit by getting tips on how to successfully run businesses. A budding entrepreneur myself, such materials reinforce the business ideas I already have. They further refine my entrepreneurial instincts.

Lastly, I must admit I am a fitness enthusiast. I strongly believe that we can be fully productive only if we actively engage in fitness undertakings. Optimal performance, in my own opinion, is a key ingredient of success. As human beings, we are designed to function optimally only if we maintain certain levels of fitness -- both mental and physical. It is for this same reason that keeping fit remains one of my unique interests.

Website Plan that Would Best Represent Me as a Brand

A website could assume any of the many different forms. To put it simply, my website plan would include six key items. The first item would be a home page.

To put it simply, the home page must not be clattered. Given that this is a website that seeks to present me as a brand, the material contained in the home page ought to be relevant and helpful. Next, there is the about me page. This is the page that would 'demystify' me and hence ensure that visitors are in this case familiar with my persona. This page could include information such as whom I am and what my interests are. The next critical item on this front is the contents page. Visitors in this case should find the site easy to navigate. Too many links should be avoided.…[continue]

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