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Communication Legalization of Marijuana

Pro-Side: There are many good reasons for the legalization of marijuana. While there are few jurisdictions from which to pull evidence on the positive benefits of legalization, we do have extensive experience with the negative impacts of marijuana prohibition. Marijuana prohibition has resulted in high arrest rates, in particular for minorities, which has created social chaos in those communities as young men are incarcerated long-term for what is a victimless crime. Marijuana prohibition also denies governments a potentially important source of tax revenue, as there is a fairly high consumption rate of the plant already. Marijuana prohibition costs law enforcement millions, has created a massive and bloody gang war in Mexico, and has done nothing to stem the use of the plant. These financial and law enforcement resources would be put to better use elsewhere. It is the interests of law enforcement, many politicians and the prison industry that have kept the war on drugs going as long as it has, not sound evidence of its usefulness or effectiveness.

Further, we do have some evidence from the jurisdictions that have limited legalization of marijuana about its positive effects....


There is very little evidence of negative health effects from marijuana use, and it is arguably less hazardous than legal products like alcohol and tobacco, not to mention a whole wealth of controlled prescription drugs. Marijuana relieves pain and stress, and therefore has proven therapeutic benefit. Furthermore, free will is a concept that must also be considered. The United States is founded on the idea of free will, and this means that many Americans believe there should be limits to the ways government can restrict how Americans live their lives. For these reasons, marijuana should be legalized. Con: Marijuana should not be legalized. There are a number of arguments to support this position. First, marijuana is immoral. While one can argue that morality is subject, morality of the United States is embedded in our laws, because those laws are passed by politicians we elect to serve our interests. If the majority of Americans believe that something is immoral, then that something should be outlawed, and that is the case with marijuana. If this is a states' rights issue, then perhaps there can be room for states to have their own marijuana laws.

Drugs are bad. There is violence, crime and poverty all associated with drug use. Marijuana is…

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