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conflict which has repercussions in the present time or one that is indeed actual. The following chosen conflict can actually be regarded as conflictive on two grounds which makes it all the more so important. First, hydraulic fracturing has been demonstrated to have severe environmental consequences on a negative scale which subsequently affect people's well-being. Second, as a technological development of the twentieth century, hydraulic fracturing, provided that the aforementioned is indeed true, would constitute reasonable grounds to estimate that the effects of industrialization have been detrimental to the common interest of the mere population while it has only boosted more financial benefits for the rich. The two grounds mentioned before make hydraulic fracturing a very current dangerous conflict which is why it has been chosen here. Moreover, certain companies seem to be given the right to drill internationally while the population is not made aware of the consequences, especially since these are considered by some researchers to be as severe. Further, the process seems to be unfolding secretively almost as though those in cause would have knowledge upon the negative effects of hydraulic fracturing and choose to neglect the issue. It is a topic thus of which individuals have minimal knowledge because the parties involved choose to deliberately withhold information. This is unethical and it provides reasoning for the manifestation of states and companies' self-interest being managed on a large scale.

2. Assuming that hydraulic fracturing does indeed pose serious threats to the environment, subsequently adding to the detrimental effect upon people, governments should bring the issue into the attention of masses, especially to individuals residing within and in surrounding areas of the drilling processes. People cannot come to terms in battering negative effects unless they are at least made aware of the causes leading up to the former. This would demonstrate integrity and also, that leaders are interested in the righteous governing of the people. Otherwise, the conflict will result in an expansion of negative effects, this time being added the loss of faith in governmental leaders.

To understand hydraulic fracturing and its effects, we will first need to provide a short summary of what it is and how it works. Further, various relevant studies that indicate the impacts of the technique must be considered. We will show, based on existing research, that hydraulic fracturing is not only more costly but indeed dangerous on account of producing negative environmental outcomes and that people suffer as a result, psychologically, financially, and socially. We will also assess some countries' positions in relation to hydraulic fracturing given that it has been banned in certain states and accepted elsewhere. However, our main position is that, in light of raised and increased concerns over the use of hydraulic fracturing, individuals need to be informed and that this is a constitutional right.

3. 1. America should fight with drones because it puts fewer American soldiers at risk.

Assumption number 1: fighting with drones puts fewer American soldiers at risk.

Assumption number 2: it is more beneficial to fight with drones.

2. America should offer aid to countries like Greece because it will protect our own economy.

Assumption number 1: offering aid to countries like Greece will protect national economy.

Assumption number 2: offering aid will help countries like Greece.

3. America should end the war on drugs because it creates chaos in other countries.

Assumption number 1: the war on drugs creates chaos in other countries.

Assumption number 2: America is responsible for that.

Response to Assumption 1.2.: Group units are sent to the field to recover crashed drones. Moreover, drones present different sensitivities which can lead to repeated damaging. Thus, group units may be frequently sent to asses the drone which implies that fighting with drones does not necessarily put fewer Americans at risk.

Response to Assumption 2.2: Foreign aid is distributed unfairly and is subject to incorrect utilization. Thus, it does not help countries like Greece but nurture personal interests. Further, this would fail to protect national economy because the amount of aid provided by America may sometimes match expenses of major national domestic policy issues.

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