Education And National Security Education Is Essential Essay

Education and National Security Education is essential for the advancement of our nation as well as our children. A good education gives children the ability to succeed physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The American nation has been labeled as having a threat to national security because of the education system failing to provide the needed learning and skills to know how to protect the nation. The condition of America's education system has become a major issue concerned with the security of the nation and citizens.

There are several core factors causing the education system to fail (Kache, 2012). There is a lack of emphasis on civics for students to learn theoretical and practical aspects of society. The emphasis of civil law, civil code, and the role of the government, as well as the citizen's responsibilities are not enough for national security. Failure to teach foreign language hinders the communication between members of global society. Lack of proficiency in reading, math, and science hinders needed skills. There are major differences between the standards and opportunities between states. There is poor academic performance compared to international counterparts that causes an unbalanced score card compared to other nations. School systems are laden with bureaucracy and inefficiencies. Too many politics in the education system has deprived the teaching standards of students. The education system has failed in attracting, training, and compensating good valued teachers. A mismatch between student preparation and jobs has left students unprepared for available positions. The American Dream has been placed out of reach for many due to the gap between educated and uneducated...


Considering these scores go up to 1,000, America is far below the needed standards in education compared to other countries. Without building the standards of education, the future of America is put at greater risk as times goes on. National security threats will increase where other countries are more educated than American children.
Failures in America's education system poses threats to national security with economic growth and competitiveness, U.S. public safety, intellectual property, U.S. Global awareness, and U.S. unity and cohesion (Kache, 2012). National security is linked to human capital. The education system is what builds the strength of the human capital. If human capital is weakened by the education system, the national security will be weakened as well. The education system is not preparing students for the global workforce. The global workforce is what builds the American economy, as well as teaches the interactions of working with other countries for the global economy.

The Country Safety Defense Department statistic shows that 75% of American youth do not qualify for the armed forces because of the lack of a high school diploma, physical factors, such as obesity and criminal records, and 30% do not pass the aptitude…

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