Importance Of Mitigating Risk Business Plan


Clothing Corner

Recommendations per Section

Company Description

1. Clarify Business Model: Give more details on how the partnership structure will function in practice.

2. Enhance Brand Story: Expand on the founders' backgrounds and their connection to the business.

3. Define Unique Value Proposition: Clearly state what sets Clothing Corner apart from its competitors.

4. Detail Sustainability Practices: Given the current market trends, include information on sustainable practices.

5. Expand on Ethical Sourcing: Detail the ethical sourcing of materials, which is important for customer trust.

Marketing Plan

1. Digital Marketing Strategy: Develop a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including SEO and content marketing.

2. Social Media Engagement: Increase engagement on social media platforms with regular posts and interaction with followers. Think word-of-mouth marketing and how Teslas CEO used Twitter to promote the car company, which relied on virtually no other advertising.

3. Customer Feedback Loop: Implement a system for collecting and acting on customer feedback.

4. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with social media influencers to reach a wider audience.

5. Local Community Engagement: Engage with the local community through events, sponsorships, and partnerships.

Financial Plan

1. Detailed Budgeting: Provide a more detailed breakdown of the budget, including marketing and operational costs.

2. Risk Management Strategy: Include a section on financial risk management.

3. Sales Forecasting: Offer more detailed sales forecasts with justifications.

4. Pricing Strategy Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of the pricing strategy in comparison to competitors.

5. Funding Strategy: Detail plans for securing additional funding or investment if needed.

New Ideas to Improve Business

1. Loyalty Program: Implement a loyalty program to encourage repeat customers.

2. Virtual Fitting Room: Introduce a virtual fitting room feature on the website for a better online shopping experience.

3. Workshops and Events: Host cultural fashion workshops and events to increase brand visibility and engagement.

4. Sustainable Fashion Line: Introduce a line of sustainable, eco-friendly clothing options.

5. Mobile App: Develop a mobile app for easier shopping and better customer engagement.

Mistakes and Confusions in the Business Plan

The business plan for Clothing Corner exhibits certain areas of mistakes and confusions that need addressing to improve its effectiveness. A significant oversight is observed in the Supply Chain Details. The plan currently lacks detailed information on managing the supply chain, an aspect that is important for the success of any clothing business. This includes specifics on sourcing materials, logistics, inventory management, and handling supplier relationships. Without a well-defined supply chain strategy, the business risks facing operational inefficiencies, potential delays in production, and challenges in maintaining product quality.

Another area that requires improvement...…our target market." - Should be "We are in the business of traditional clothing, so we must investigate the cultural trends and preferences of our target market."

2. Economic Analysis: "Market size and growth determine the size of the market for traditional clothing." - Redundant phrasing. Suggest "Market size and growth are determinants of the potential for traditional clothing."

Page 6

1. Technological Analysis: "E-commerce platform: In our clothing corner, customers will offer secure payment processing..." - The phrase "customers will offer" is incorrect. It should be "customers will find" or "we will offer".

Page 7

1. Psychological Factors: "Traditional clothes are associated with cherished memories, family traditions, or cultural celebration." - Should be "cultural celebrations."

Page 8

1. Business Goals: "Increase Instagram presence: - We try to advertise our product on Instagram..." - The phrase is awkward. Suggest "We aim to enhance our product advertising on Instagram..."

Page 10

1. Marketing Plan: "Clothing Corner makes sure that all designs are latest and traditional." - Should be "Clothing Corner ensures that all designs are both contemporary and traditional."

Page 11

1. Pricing Strategy: "Our pricing strategy will be Cost-plus pricing." - Should be "Our pricing strategy will be based on cost-plus pricing."

Page 12

1. Unique Selling Proposition: "Cultural Authenticity: offer excellent quality traditional clothes that…

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