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Personal Statement

My dream of becoming a doctor started when I met a young man by the name of Jonier. This occurred when I volunteered with the Big Brothers and Sisters of America. I did not know it at the time, but I was being assigned a very special young man. Jonier came from a single parent home. His mother worked long hours and did not have a male role model in his life. This played an important part in shaping his personality and academic achievement. Along the way, he encountered many struggles and listened to my advice. This wisdom taught him about what was most important and who he could become. During this process, I felt for this young man and wanted to assist him as much as possible. He was struggling with a lack of social skills and the attention he so desperately needed. As we overcame various struggles together, I realized I had a passion for helping others and making a difference in their lives.

This fueled my sense of motivation in assisting others. It focused on not only my own personal satisfaction, but the joy I experience when others succeeded. I saw a lot of myself in Jonier. This is because I was a first generation English speaker in my family and related to what he was going through. Knowing how fortunate I am, is what motivates me to become a doctor. After I left Big Brothers and Sisters of America, I decided to continue with my education at the University of Connecticut.


Never giving into the temptations of college life, as I always remained focused on becoming a doctor. Achieving these goals, requires constantly putting my studies first. In the future, I hope to be a good role model to others and want to encourage them to do more with their lives. These actions will motivate them to peruse their dreams no matter what.

One of my many objectives, is to become a practicing physician in the field of medical research and technology. I want to be on the leading edge of discovering new advances in medicine that will be beneficial to those who are suffering from a variety of conditions. I feel that if everyone works together, we can find cures for a number of diseases (i.e. cancer and Alzheimer's).

As a result, I look forward to the day when I can mentor someone who is coming into the field of medicine. Growing up, I was taught many hard lessons which I used as positive learning experiences and carried many of them into adulthood. I feel that if we learn from these lessons early on, future problems can be resolved. The same this applies to the medical community, as we should all come together to discuss important ideas about these…

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