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Common Themes of Two World Literatures

Literary criticism provides the opportunity to critically appraise pieces of the literature to scrutinize issues and important works of the authors. The arguments are drawn from the roots of the literature itself so that its inspiration and significance could be understood. This paper explores a common theme or motif from two selected works of literature by drawing upon their similarities and differences, the importance of the theme, thesis statement within the literature, and literary details for support.

The two selected works of literature are As you like it by William Shakespeare and Loa to Divine Narcissus by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. The common theme within these two literary pieces would be freedom. The similarity is the freedom of the female gender from the male-dominated society and being free in their will and choices. Both the works depict that the feminine resistance against society has been prevalent for ages, and the female gender always seems to struggle to break free from it.

Where Sor Juana emphasized womens equality, Shakespeare exhibits similar characteristics in the character of Rosalind in the forest, deeming it a source of liberty as she can dress in whatever way she likes and speak to whomever she wants (Greer, 2015). The difference is the tone in which the two works are written; Shakespeare has taken a comical turn to write his work, whereas Sor Juana adopted a serious tone for detailing about indigenous events of Aztec inhabitants and Spanish colonies. It is very peculiar and interesting to note that two different writing styles are talking about one common theme, portrayed in different manners but have the same meaning.

The significance of the selected theme from the two literary works, freedom, could not be underrated since it has been the foundation of civilizations from historical to present times. One of the fundamental human needs is the freedom required for social progress and personal development (Jafarzadeh & Beheshti, 2012).

Ones own physical and psychological wellbeing could only be guaranteed when a person is granted freedom for...


Human capabilities are boosted once they are supported with the required basic need of freedom to broaden their social space for practicing their own choices. The tendency of humans to have the power of reasoning is based on mental sanity, which could not be possible under suppression and captivity.

Hence, freedom holds an indispensable place in human lives that help lead and execute human duties in a better way. Additionally, the literary works have shaped the theme of freedom in a gendered way where females feel repressed in a male-dominated society or want to take the form of a man to feel free themselves. It is the gendered characteristics of freedom that seem to be lying within the male sex and have somewhat obscured women.

Women, therefore, want to be empowered and want to live at liberty in the male-dominated society by enjoying the same equal rights in the community (Bayeh, 2016). Women do not want to be defined by the gender roles and stereotypes that society (mainly men) has set for them. They have their free aspirations to follow and do not want to be limited by the imposed limitations.

The main point that is to be made out of the theme, specifically the argumentative thesis statement, is that gender equality brings a convenient type of freedom for women. Many studies have shown that gender equality within the social sphere and a countrys economy has always shown strength for the entire countrys performance. The decision-making levels represented by women have been fruitful and lucrative enough for the countries and organizations that women lead.

The national, regional, and international mechanisms need to be en route to eliminate womens struggle and free them of the societal pressures related to their very own gender. The structural subordination of women and keeping them from the rightful freedom must be…

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