Electric Hybrid Cars vs Gas Powered Cars

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Another issue that is often cited, and will be the greater focus of this work is that the technologies needed to produce personal automobiles that are less fossil fuel dependant, have been in existence for a very long time but the combustion fossil fuel burning engine keeps winning the game. In viewing the fantastic documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? one sees the hypocrisy inherent in the system as many individuals blame industry greed for the virtual death of a very practical solution to fossil fuel dependence and pollution. Why the consumer asks was this vehicle that had been so frequently promised as the solution to all the problems that plague the modern world discarded like so much trash? (Paine Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006) Was it market demand? Was it marketing failure on the part of the producer and of coarse lastly was it an intentional conspiracy to retain the potential future profit that is available to the motor industry and the fuel industry, at the expense of the environment and human civilization in general? (Motavalli 36)

This work will address this question by first seeking answers to the most important question, if these technologies are available why are they being subverted? The work will then analyze the current research in alternative fuel vehicles, specifically addressing three types of vehicles, the electric car, the hybrid/electric/combustion car and lastly the combustion engine car. As this issue is timely and multifaceted this work will address modern technology, why it is not being implemented and briefly discuss alternative fuel cars that are not electric and therefore have an even lower carbon footprint. It is also important that this paper touch briefly on the issue of pollution, as it is a significant impetus for creating alternative fuel vehicles and promoting such technology and marketing it in such a manner that individual consumers will buy into it and build demand for it. The hypothesis being that the all electric vehicle is the best practical option for consumers to solve many current problems, as the infrastructure needed for the type of driving most people do is already in place.

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About a trillium barrels worth of oil is still in the earths…[continue]

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