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The information gathered in this part of the study will be compiled in a written format and essay form.


The second method of research that will be used will be the interview of medical experts in the field. Those that agree to be in the study will be sent questions by email or interviewed by telephone. They will be able to choose the form of participation they want to provide. They will all be asked identical questions. Those questions will include:

1. Do you support stem cell research? Why or why not?

2. If you do please answer the following questions:

What field of medicine are you in? What is your specialty?

3. Do you believe that stem cell research is necessary to the advancement of the medical field?

4. What disorders or diseases do you believe it can be used to cure?

5. Do you believe it is playing God?

6. How do you think stem cell research should be funded?

7. What if any limits do you believe should be placed on stem cell research?

The answers will be gathered and compiled in a computer spread sheet that will first, identify and categorize the answers, then will provide an area to gather the editorial portions of the answers provided.

The experts will be from the local hospital directory and will include a mixture of different specialties. The study will target 100 medical professionals through a letter inviting them to participate and will use the first 10 that agree to take part in the study.


The third part of the research will be a questionnaire survey that will be distributed to randomly selected members of society. There will be 800 surveys printed and they will include a self addressed stamped envelope for their return.

Participants will be asked if they are over the age of 18 and an ID will be shown before the survey is given to them.

The participants will be located through the local university and area businesses. The research team will establish themselves within these areas and ask people if they would be willing to take a survey with them and fill it out and send it back. They will be told that if they take one and send it in, once it is received they will be sent two dollars for their participation. While this offer for two dollars is a very small amount of money it is being offered in the hopes that participants will remember to send their survey in.

Out of the 800 printed out and handed out at various establishments the first 100 that are returned and completed will be used for the purpose of this study.

The survey will be divided into three different area.

The first part will ask for basic demographic information including age, economic standing, race, and general geographic area. There will also be a section on part one that will ask what they do for a living or if they are in college what their major is.

The second section will ask questions about their stem cell knowledge. Have they heard of the research? Do they know what it is about? Have they heard about the controversy surrounding the topic?

The third section will address their personal opinions about stem cell research and will include some of the following questions:

1. Do you think stem cell research should be allowed to continue? Why or why not?

2. Do you think there should be limits to what stem cell research is allowed to do?

3. If so what would those limits be?

4. Do you think there should be limitations on what cells are used? Adult, embryonic, fetus or no opinion?

5. Who do you think should fund stem cell research?

A. private companies

B. Government funding

C. Medical grants

D. None of the above E.A combination of the above.


The first 100 surveys received in return mail will be used for the research. This will insure the that the sample is randomly selected.

The information will be compiled and entered into a computer program spreadsheet designed to contain editorial comments as well as yes or no answers.

Once this is complete all of the data from all three research methods will be compiled and a written discussion and conclusion will be produced based on the answers given and the research findings.


The research portion of the study will be completed by November 10, 2006. The expert interviews will be completed by December 2, 2006. They will be approached and secured within the month of November. The surveys will be handed out the second week of January and compiled the last week of January. The results will be tabulated and compiled in a report by the last week of February 2006.


The total budget for this proposed research is $2,500. There will be $200 set aside to pay the first 100 respondents. $2,000 will be used for time involved for research team handing out the surveys, conducting library research, phone interviews and writing the final report. The final #300 will be used for gasoline, copies and other incidentals.


Biology meets ethics: the controversy behind human embr yonic stem cell research.(Book review)

From: Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science | Date: July 1, 2005 | Author: Bradley, James T. | More results for: stem cell research history review of the National Institute of Health's "Guidelines for Research Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells." From: Issues in Law & Medicine | Date: March 22, 2002 | More results for: stem cell research future

The great stem cell race: scientists around the world are scrambling to unlock the potential of stem cells. Governments trying to balance research and ethics have quickly learned that they have little control. Competition for top researchers and private capital…[continue]

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