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Health Care Information System

The study looks into the importance of health care information system and its latest innovation system. In this paper, I also analyze various innovated health care system which improves the delivery of services to patients. IT further looks at the case study of hospital or clinic which already using the said system. In this case the study looked at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and its pros and cons, then make a recommendation to the community health care management for adoption.

Information Technology (IT) is the best avenue, with a great potential to improve quality, safety and efficiency of Health care in the community. However, Health care information system (HCIS) can be defined as the gathering of programs and procedures, which can enable data entry, storage and the use of health care and administrative data about the patients, health care workers, health institution and other institutions connected with healthcare (Pesti?, Ozren, 2000).

Moreover, it's significant to emphasize that the goals for developing "Information System," is to improve health care. It also to make health care available to all people, regardless of geographical local and social -- economic status as stated by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) (Hawryluk, M. 2004). However, this system for health care normally compost of different components such as primary health care information system, outpatient management information system, public health care information system, pharmacies information system, health care funding system and Information system for the ministry of health. This makes the entire health care management system in most hospitals or clinics (Pestic, Ozren, 2000).

Besides, both public and private health care providers have agreed that "Health Care Information System," is a new way for providing patients with readily access information on their medical details, which could improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care. Unfortunately, there are relatively few health care providers which have fully adopted the health care information system. This is due to certain complexity of IT investment which goes beyond acquiring technology to change work process in our health facilities (Wager, Karen, 2004). But, it changes even culture of operation, it also compels physicians, nurses and other staff to use it (). It changes several policies such as payment that reward volume rather quality and fragmentation of care delivery (Rosemary Stockdale and Karen Day, 1997).

The provision of quality health care requires providers and patients to join together complex information from many different sources. As a result increasing the ability of physicians, nurses and clinical technicians readily access and use the right information about the patients which improve care (Lee, John P. Glaser, 2009).

However, the innovation in health care information system nowadays could allow patients to access their medical information, physicians and search about his/her illness and symptoms on the authorized web page of the Ministry of Health just at home through internet. Besides, patients can have an access to different team and their success in the medical field and solving problems similar to what he/she suffers from and make appropriately appointment to that particular physician (Lee, John P. Glaser, 2009).

Technology Underlying Health Care Information System

The technology behind health care information is very broad and technical, which involves various phases of Information Technology (IT). The core technology which is involved are system software, this where the program is design by software engineers, it gain has data management and access section which deals with its management of stored data.

However, nothing can happen without network, which brings communication among various machines within the organization. Then we have information processing section where all information is being synthesized before transmission takes place. Again, for data transmission to take place we must have internet, intranets and extranet.

It also does require a design structure to place its operations and management easy and understandable by all employees who are supposed to use it. Therefore, trainings are part of plan that is always being placed in consideration during the planning time. This system needs clinic system parts and interface which is users friendly for everyone, to provide easy time even new employees to find it quite users friendly.

Example: A structure design of Healthcare Information System

Innovation in Health care information technology

The health care information system has gone through various stages to deliver better service to the people. Through innovation various systems or programs has been…[continue]

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