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All this may lead to instigate cultural disharmony within the nations (Knight, 2006, p. 2). On economic front too, often globalization is attacked as a view that it supports excruciating imperialism and colonization.

It is undeniable fact that globalization has improved the world to a greater degree, yet the negative effects of some consequences cannot be denied. It has led to wide increase of socio-economic disparities within societies, nations and between different regions of the world. The phenomenon has also empowered the relatively poor people across the world to migrate away with the means of moving from one country or continent to another. Migration has its positive effects that can be easily seen in the nations that are suffering from slowing birth-rates. Many European countries are running out of people. Migration helps these countries to maintain the workforce. On the other hand, migration leads to difficulties caused due to brain drain and protectionists movements too (Tom, 2006, p. 44).

Brain drain poses a threat of the native country of the migrants to lose out the developing human resource to other countries as the better skilled and intelligent workers often leaves one country for the better opportunities in other countries (Tom, 2006, p. 44). This also leads an opposing feeling in the people of the country where the migrants enter. The current issues of violence in Australia against Asian and Indian migrants in particular are a burning example of this trend. As the native people realizes that although they are not as skilled and deserving as the migrants are, they might have grabbed some better job opportunities in absence of migrants that have entered the local markets as a consequence of globalization, they starts opposing globalization. (Lene-Bomann, 2004, p. 61).

One of the major concerns against globalization is the inability of local governments to provide proper protection for the citizens against some of the disastrous industrial accidents. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy case in India signifies this negative effect of globalization. Also, millions of Indian people have been dragged out of the socio-ecological networks that were the basis of their existence since thousands of years. The developing infrastructure in form of dams, canals, mines, industries, defense establishments etc. that gains their importance because of globalization has caused these millions of Indians to lose their abode (Lene-Bomann, 2004, p. 66).

Many industries grow in the native land because of globalization that leads to extreme air-pollution, climate change, cross-boundary water and air pollution, soil erosion, over-fishing of the ocean, and the spread of insidious species. This also leads to a loss of jungles and wild animals. Environmentalists often oppose the idea of globalization and mention the ill-effects of globalization on the environment. Yet, the fact that these leftist opponents of globalization often remain against betterment of life and the idea of pleasure is also true. Although environmentalist overemphasizes their do -- gooders' image, they fail to provide any joyful, progressive and positive approach to oppose globalization or support anti-globalization movements (Skidelsky, 2005, p. 4719). The global warming concerns also tend to instigate people against globalization, yet the current corrupt reports of IPCC have proved the ill-intentions of anti-globalization movements.

A proper analysis of the phenomenon of globalization along with its consequences and their derivatives, one can realize that with all its negative effects, globalization is a major force of human development. It facilitates the spread of amenities, life-saving medicines, and bio-technological aspects; it provides better communication approach, better educative environment and improves the standard of living of overall society.


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