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It has made joint ventures with Hollywood that have done quite well at the box office. The Indian movies are not only seen in India, but the industry has also made arrangements for showcasing their productions at International platforms, as these movies are dubbed and on aired in many other languages all over the world. In the past, most of the movies that were produced in India were Masala movies with no solid plot and mere glitz and glamor. However, now since these movies are sold all over the world and shown in cinemas throughout the world, the approach of the producers and directors is now changing. Keeping in view the demand of realism from the audience, the directors and producers now try to come up with a plot that is close to reality and something that the people can actually relate to. For example, the film called Slumdog Millionaire earned billions of dollars because it was so close to the reality of many people in India who live below the poverty line. This is the reason why it was also nominated for the Oscar Award. For any industry to do well in the local market, it is important for it to adapt to the culture of that market. This is exactly what Bollywood is trying to do and therefore it is gaining a good business in the national as well as international market.

Problems and Ethical Issues in the Industry

The biggest problem of Bollywood is that of piracy. People in India have the tendency to copy the films that are released at the box office. The copied films are then either sold to the public at a much cheaper rate or are shown to the public without any cost. As of now, there have been many films that have the potential to make billions of dollars but are even unable to cover for its own cost because of this piracy issue.

Analysts agree of the fact that if all the people paid the right amount of money to watch the film, then the industry could make much more money than it does now. Currently, the producers of the Bollywood films are trying to figure out a way through which piracy could be controlled. On the other hand, there are also some ethical issues pertaining to the content that is showed in these movies. When nudity and sex scenes are shown in the movies, people think it is not appropriate to take their families to the cinema because of such content. Not all the movies are accepted by all the Indian audience and this is because there are various groups in the country. Some conservatives do not approve of even the lightest of the kissing scenes. Moreover, any movie that revolves around the issues of religion, Kashmir and Pakistan tend to gain a lot of negative attention and controversies.

Another problem that Bollywood is being faced with is that the young generation thinks that the plot of the movies is a bit too predictable and they get tired of the same story line in every movie. Since youngsters are the main audience of these movies, the producers have to make sure that they come up with unique story lines so that these people do not lose their interest in these movies. Since most of the students from India go abroad for their higher education, these students expect the kind of movies that are produced in Hollywood (What is Bollywood, 2010).

Future of Bollywood

The future of Bollywood seems bright as the producers, directors and the Indian government is working hard to make the movies nationally and internationally successful. For the industry to become even more successful, it needs to do more joint ventures with Hollywood and local film industries of other countries as well. The viewership of Indian cinema in many parts of the world has increased by an incredible rate, especially since writers are now creating movies with unique plots and touching areas of the society that were always avoided before.

It is also important for the industry to come up with story lines that are not completely predictable and repetitive but attention should be given to projects that go beyond the melodrama and romance that is more or less the main topic for most of the movies produced in the Indian cinema; movies that are more realistic and relatable by the general population always tend to do better in the cinemas. On the other hand, the Bollywood industry should also take steps to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the practice of piracy since it causes a great amount of monetary loss to the industry.

Although it is true that most of the Bollywood viewers are young people who are more open and less easily fazed by explicit sexuality or violence depicted in movies, the industry should also urge film producers to make movies with consideration to family viewers and to keep explicit content which is not vital to the plot of the movie at a minimum, in order to gain a larger audience and to not offend such viewers who believe sex and nudity to be taboo and vulgar.

Since Bollywood is one of the major contributors in the economy of India, the previously outlined steps should be taken to make sure that this industry's profit is sustained.


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