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Lisa finds it hard to meet other kids her age who are like her. Most of her peers "do not care about school" and don't understand anything about the issues she cares about such as environmentalism and Tibet. Lisa worries excessively about external, global events such as global warming and wars in Africa. Many of the people she refers to as "friends" are much older than she is, although she admits most of them are mentors.

A person with generalized anxiety disorder finds it difficult to control worry. Lisa has been unable to control her worry successfully via Buddhist meditation or tai chi. She writes regularly in a journal and claims that this does help but not enough. Although she finds temporary relief in music and schoolwork, her feelings of worry and anxiety creep back into her consciousness as soon as she is doing something else. She experiences the most anxiety when with her family in public, which is why Lisa has been assessed for social anxiety disorder. Because Lisa has a penchant for public speaking and is not afraid of it, social anxiety has been ruled out.

Lisa's anxiety acts up around her family for several reasons. She feels that her family "does not reflect who I am." Lisa claims that she sometimes thinks she was adopted. She used to get along well with her brother, but lately they have grown apart as her brother is not interested in intellectual matters. Lisa "can't stand" her father but says she "loves him no matter what."

Her worry and anxiety is associated with restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, and insomnia. Her symptoms also include occasional somatic manifestations such as stomachaches. The symptoms and cognitions associated with her anxiety are starting to cause Lisa problems in school and socially. Lisa worries that she will not get into a good college, even though she is only in fourth grade.

Lisa's parents do not place undue pressure on her. In fact, Lisa claims that her parents and her brother think she works too hard. Lisa pressures herself to perform well in school, and she views scholastic achievement as a benchmark for her self-esteem. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she says that she wants to be an environmental lawyer and a doctor at the same time. Lisa claims that she will most likely get into college early so that she can achieve both degrees.

Lisa is fundamentally opposed to using pharmacological interventions for her anxiety problems, and she seeks counseling. Because of her young age, pharmaceuticals would not be advisable anyway. Counseling is an ideal adjunct for Lisa's meditation and tai chi practice, allowing her to understand more about how her family environment is contributing to her anxiety. Lisa needs to learn coping mechanisms so that she can maximize her potential.

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