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Database Administrator, Manager of IT, and the value of a college education

As a result of swift distribution of computers and information technology, a necessity for well trained workers to design and promote new hardware and software systems and to integrate new technologies. These workers comprises of computer systems analysts, database administrators, and computer scientists. Based on the choices and procedures of employers and on development of new areas of specialization or alterations in technology, the job responsibilities and professional titles relating these workers change quickly. An ever-increasing level of talent and education from the employees is demanded by the speedily shifting technology. Organization's expectation on professionals is broadening from wholesome technical knowledge to communication and other interpersonal skills. Hence, workers who can manage various tasks are in great need.

Though employers favor workers with technical degrees, persons with degrees in a range of majors also get employment in these computer jobs. Based on the requirements of employers; the level of education and type of training change. Technological transformations are one such aspect having influence on these requirements. Another aspect driving the needs for employers is tight time schedules within which projects have to be completed. In order to implement the latest technologies, employers frequently jumble the workers. Workers with knowledge in information security find employment easily. Ongoing study is essential to keep one's skills current as technological developments come so swiftly in the computer field. Continuing education is possible through employers, hardware and software vendors, colleges and universities, and private training institutions. Further training comes through professional development seminars offered by professional computing societies. In this paper, we will discuss the job of Database administrator, the growth to Manager and the role of education in achieving the growth. (Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, and Computer Scientists)

Data Base Administrator:

The current world is full of data, which are vital. For example, bank's data relate to clients accounts, transactions, and bank balances; an air traffic control center's data relate to airplane codes, flight plans, departure and arrival times, weather conditions and the heights and speeds of planes; hospital's data relate to the health records, histories and tests of their patients. Similarly, other data forms include: power usage, outages and energy surpluses for utility companies; millions of books, documents, periodicals and reference materials for libraries; and so on. Computer systems handled by database administrators come in handy to manage so much information that has become critical to our health, safety, comfort and financial welfare. Database administrators and analysts are those who ensure that all that data on computers is stored correctly, firmly and effectively. Their main function includes coding, testing and installing new databases and altering available databases by promoting new programming code. In general, database administrators operate with clients on custom projects. Administrators also have to be proficient in designing, uploading, and trouble-shooting web sites, as many databases are accessible to users over the Internet. Problem solving, like grappling with a system when a database fails to update, as it needs to be done and this takes up majority of workload of the administrators. The significance of database administrator's job has enlarged, as so much of our lives are reliant on the computer today. We may encounter difficulty with several of the daily proceedings that we currently take for granted, if database administrators are not available. (Computer Database Analysts & Administrators)

The details of jobs that these administrators do are: Revising databases frequently; Recognizing and solving users' problems; Determining what kind of system a particular organization needs; Teaming up in the design of databases to meet new users needs; Guaranteeing the accuracy and accessibility of data sources; Evaluating and planning for expected changes in data capacity requirements; Developing and maintaining data standards, policies, and procedures; Teaching staff in client companies about using their databases; Scheduling and co-operating with database security measures. Focused training and practice are required for database administrators and analysts who administer the large sophisticated databases, such as Oracle, or SQL. The qualifications expected by the employers from these administrators are a bachelor's degree in


Certification may be useful and is given by the software companies that generate individual databases. Besides the complex systems like Oracle, there are, at present, a number of database applications, such as Access or Filemaker Pro, which can be learned and managed by people with no computer science degrees or important programming backgrounds. Employers who utilize these kinds of databases at times search for experience and training instead of a specific computer science degree. (Computer Database Analysts & Administrators)

Database administrators usually work for about 40 hours in a week and will continue to work in weekends if target dates have to be met. Logical thinking is a prerequisite for database administrators. Focused approach with a special eye for details is essential for database administrators. Generally they work as a team and at some occasions they work individually. They need to have communication skill, as they need to communicate with managers, other computer personnel and even with those who do not have computer knowledge. Swiftly changing technology needs highly skilled and educated employees. There are so many ways to prepare for a job as a database administrator. Scores of employers look for workers who have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information science, or management information systems -- MIS. MIS programs usually are an element of the business school. They vary from computer science programs in that they deal with business and management-oriented course work and business computing courses. (Database Administrator)

Manager of IT:

The career starts with database programmers, and then moves to database administrators if these programmers gain sufficient experience and are able to administer huge databases. Then, these database administrators can move forward to managerial and leadership positions. Persons who work with less complicated systems frequently move into database administration positions from other careers in which the application is in usage. (Computer Database Analysts & Administrators)

An example of database administrators moving forward to managerial position is an elevating to chief technology officer because of experience in managing data and enforcing security. The career path for Database Administrator as per Commonwealth is as follows: IT Specialist III, IT Specialist IV, IT Manager I, IT Manager II and IT Manager III. The role of IT Manager I grant a career path for managers in the equipment and applications specialty. They need familiarity and substantial leadership skill in network and computer systems administration. The role of IT Manager II role offers a career path for managers in the area of Information Technology who has program direction for several units or sections. They direct all program, operations, and staff in allocated in an area through subordinate supervisors. They too require familiarity and considerable leadership experience in network and computer systems administration. The role of IT Manager II offers a career path for executive director level positions in the field of Information Technology offering services to multiple state agencies in a multi-technology background. They need familiarity and widespread leadership experience in the area of operation. (Career guide for Database Administrator)

Managers take up manifold roles in order to meet the several demands of carrying out their functions. An organized model of behaviors is a role. Roles can be classified broadly as: interpersonal, informational, and decisional. The "informational roles" connect all managerial work as one. The "interpersonal roles" make certain that information is given. The "decisional roles" make noteworthy use of the information. (Allen, 1998)

An ever-increasing level of expertise and education is required from the employees due to speedily changing technology. In any field, certification is a means to show a level of proficiency. In case of some product vendors or software firms who offer certification, they insist on professionals who work with their products to be certified. Many employers consider these certificates as industry standard. For instance, by getting certified in a definite type of database management entails acquisition of knowledge to get a job as a database administrator. A variety of organizations connected with computer specialists also provide voluntary certification. A jobseeker may have a forceful advantage if he has a Professional certification. An associate's degree in computer science or a related information technology field is offered by majority of the community colleges and several autonomous technical institutes and proprietary schools. Compared to a 4-year degree programs, these programs may be more directed to meeting the needs of local businesses and are more job specific. The level of training that these programs provide may better go well with for some of the jobs. The characteristics of people expected by employers relate to broad knowledge and experience to computer systems and technologies, strong investigative and analytical skills, and proper interpersonal skills. (Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, and Computer Scientists)

A college education nowadays is a one that to be cherished. It provides both earning and learning possibilities. A college education involves forethought, preparation and saving and possibly some give up, like…

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