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eviromental analysis, Porters powers SWOT analysis sbout a project . My project open a retailing medical company buys locally import medical surgical consumables . The company manufacture prodect, copmany import consumables saudi arabia resell local market, Also company buy medical surgical items local market bulk quantities factories resell .

Medic Retailers is intended to be a large organization that will deal in the sale of medical supplies to consumers in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, doing business in the medical field is usually intensely involving given that the area is extremely regulated in order to ensure that standards are kept high. Similarly, the regulatory authorities are generally ultra-fast in closing down any businesses. Nevertheless, Medic Retailers intend to come up with a precise elucidative process that will ensure high levels of hygiene and efficiency in its operations. The business will be about the importation of medical and surgical equipment from foreign countries and selling them directly to consumers in the Saudi market. The business will also obtain its supplies from the local manufacturers who operate in the industry. It is hoped that the business will certainly succeed, given the proper feasibility studies that have been undertaken in order to determine and address any challenges that could be realized in the course of operations Porter, 2005()

Environmental Analysis

Environmental analysis involves the systematic identification of all the environmental factors, and examining how they would influence the operations of a business in a particular area. It involves auditing the factors and assessing their potential impact on the business Drucker, 1999.

After a thorough environmental scanning, it has been sufficiently realized that Medic Retailers is certainly in a proper position to operate in the medical field. The business has established mechanisms to ensure that the products it will sell to the market are supremely efficient and do not cause any dangers to the environment or the consumers. In this regard, the business will obtain its supplies only from internationally accredited companies. The business has also established proper waste management processes that seek the reduction of environmental pollution. Considering the nature of its products, Medic Retailers will always be at the forefront in ensuring a great deal of hygiene in its operations in order to meet the stringent standards prescribed by the regulatory authorities in the Saudi market.

In the legal environment, Medic Retailers will ensure that it effectively follows all the rules and procedures operations in the country that are governing business operations. The business is much concerned about its reputation and will therefore ensure that it operates within the stipulated rules and regulations. At the same time, the business will only deal with companies that are legally sanctioned and operate within local and international rules. Economically, the business environment in the Saudi market is relatively stable and the business hopes to successfully compete against the other large retailers in the market. Given the good financial backing and the stable Saudi economy, it is hoped that proper business management will certainly ensure the business succeeds in the market.

A proper environmental scanning has revealed that Medic Retailers will be operating in a highly competitive business environment. Nevertheless, in the bid to ensure its success in the market, the business is bound by the need to ensure that it remains environmentally friendly and does not cause any harm or pollution to the environment Owens, 2004.

The drugs and other facilities that the business will sell will only come from authorized dealers. Similarly, in order to ensure effective operations, the business will advise its customers on the best practices in order to ensure that they are environmentally competent. The safety of the consumer is therefore the major driving force for the business Freeman, 2007.

The location of the business is also a major boost to its environmental programs. Any business that hopes to succeed in this area must always ensure that it effectively stocks a great variety of medical supplies from different manufacturers. In this regard, Medic Retailers will stock a great deal of medical equipment and supplies from different manufacturers in order to meet the changing and dynamic demand in the market. Without doubt, the environmental scanning process has effectively revealed that the business has the potential of coping well in the market as long as the rules and regulations in the industry are complied with.

SWOT Analysis


Indeed, Medic Retailers is at a very favorable position to succeed in the market compared to some of the already existing large retailers in the market. The business is entering the market with good financial backing at a time when most of the operators are greatly suffering from the effects of the recent economic crisis. In this regard, it is hoped that the retailer will effectively manage to capture a large share of the market within a short time of its entry into the market. Demographically, the location of the business at the heart of the high-end residential estate in the city is a clear demonstration of the continuous demand throughout the year. The location of the business next to the large shopping malls in the city will also ensure a high degree of convenience to the customers. Medic Retailers will also be among the few retailers in the market that accept payments in entirely all the major credit cards in the market. This will ensure a great deal of convenience to the shoppers since they would be able to transact without paper money. In order to effectively advertise itself to the consumers, the business will launch a much updated website that will contain all the relevant information pertaining to the operations of the business. This will include the products it stocks, location and the modes of payments.


Operating in the medical fraternity is normally very difficult for most businesses. The stringent rules and regulations which are constantly modified normally pose a great deal of challenges to the businesses. There are many licenses and permits which Medic Retailers has to obtain in order to operate in the market. The business will face a great challenge in terms of obtaining information on the spending habits f the consumers in order to stock the rights supplies for them. In order to effectively operate in the market, the business needs adequate human resources which would not really be possible at the initial stages of operations. There are relatively few qualified and trained personnel in the industry and this will put the business at a very compromising situation of operation. The supply chain process in the industry is not well developed and this will create a lot of challenges for the business in terms of obtaining the supplies from the manufacturers. Taxation is a major challenge for most operations in the market. The government constantly changes the tax payments and this will affect the operations of the business.


Several opportunities exist for the growth of Medic Retailers. The location of the business is certainly a great opportunity that will ensure its success in the market. Similarly, there is a high potential for investment in this particular area and this can offer a very good opportunity for any business that seeks to expand. Considering the growth of e-commerce in the country, a great opportunity lies in the introduction of online shopping in order to reach customers in other locations. The business will therefore strive to take advantage of this growing trend in order to stay ahead of the existing retailer and to effectively establish a wide customer base. Instead of focusing on retail trading alone, the business can expand its operations into wholesale trading in order to supply other retailers with its products. At the same time a great opportunity lies in retail franchising where the retailer can allow other retailers to use its brand in order to sell products in other locations.


The threats realized in the market include the uncertain political climate in the country that might pose a danger to the operations of businesses. The inflation rates are increasing and this might reach high levels which might eventually affect the purchasing power of the consumers. One of the greatest threats that will face Medic Retailers will certainly be the challenge of competitors. Several large players actually operate in this particular field. Some of these businesses have been in the industry for a long time and have actually learnt the rules of the game better that the new businesses. In this regard, the business will therefore, face very stiff competition from such large retailers.

Porter's five forces

New competition

The mechanisms in place will ensure that the business is not really affected by new entrants into the market. Any new entrant will certainly face a lot of challenges in the market and hence cannot really pose a lot of challenges to the existing businesses Huggins, 2011, p. 23()

Competitive rivalry

Indeed, competitive rivalry might pose some concern to the business. However, the good location of the business in the residential area will ensure that it…

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