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Mackey, Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize, and then was jailed as a Chinese dissident who made what he called his "final statement" before beginning his jail term.

Liu had rallied for causes and done a lot of public speaking and publication in China before he was jailed, and realized when he was imprisoned that he had lost the platform he had to help and encourage others to right wrongs and speak out against injustices.

He still stands by the beliefs he expressed that resulted in his imprisonment, and holds no anger or hatred toward those who prosecuted and imprisoned him.

He is treated fairly in prison, even though he still states that he is innocent and should not be there at all because he should have the right to freedom of expression and speech.

People's Daily Online -- Human Rights in China

China fully supports the goal of fundamental freedoms and human rights, but will not get involved in the affairs of other countries that are dealing with this issue.

The country is active in UN initiatives to help ensure that every human being has rights to the basic freedoms they should be able to enjoy.

Delegates from China have been sent to participate in UN working groups that have looked for new and better ways to extend and protect the rights of people in other countries.

The development of history also means the development of human rights, according to China's beliefs, and that is being closely monitored so appropriate actions can be taken as the world becomes more turbulent and the rights of humans are often put at more risk than before.

3. Obama, Cairo Speech

There is a very high level of tension between Christians and Muslims in the world, which began at the 9/11 attacks and have continued for years.

Christians and Muslims need to focus on the similarities they have instead of only basing their opinions of one another on their differences, so the fighting can cease.

Neither Americans nor Muslims all fit the crude stereotypes of them that have been created in the minds of individuals and nations that do not agree with their practices.

America will continue to defend itself against terrorists and extremists, but there is no war with Islam overall, and the goal is to reduce tensions, not increase them.

Israel and Palestine must work out their differences and promote peace for the good of all the people in that region.

There are a number of important issues facing the Muslim world, such as democracy, human rights, nuclear weapons development, economic opportunity, and religious freedom.

A new beginning can be forged by peacemakers of both Christian and Muslim religions.

4. Positivist and Critical Approaches to Gender Communication

a. Evolutionary Psychology and Feminism on Gender Relations and Gender Communication

Evolutionary psychology argues that males and females are very different, while feminism argues that there are very few differences that are not created by society.

Men are believed to put much more emphasis on sex and fertility than women because men are fertile nearly their entire lives, while women have a shorter "window" of fertility as a function of their lifespan.

Social role theory focuses on how society is generally patriarchal.

The glass ceiling is still an issue, as women have a more difficult time attaining high-level positions, and when they do get them they are not paid as much as male counterparts.

It is believed that differences that are inherent in males and females biologically are the reason there are differences in how they work, where they work, and what they are paid, as opposed to societal "norms" causing these concerns.

b. Slaughter, "Why Women Still Can't Have it All"

Women in high-power positions can struggle to balance work and family life.

The author chose her family, because she realized that she could not have both.

She found that many other career women either pitied her or were condescending about her choices, even though she still works a busy schedule -- just closer to home where she can spend more time with her family.

Now in her speeches and public appearances she has changed many of the remarks she makes about the idea of work-life balance, because of her personal experiences and deeper understanding of what matters to her.

Social pressure does not "allow" for a woman…

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