Sexual Revolution & Counter-Revolution Case Study

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¶ … biological definition of sex? Give your own definition and what you think it means in the context of society.

Traditional vaginal intercourse is probably where I would go with that because it's the usual/traditional form that is used. Of course, this is when a male inserts his penis into a woman's vagina in a stimulating and consensual manner. However, there are other forms of sex that have taken on new prominence and/or are specific to LGBT lifestyles where vaginal intercourse is either not possible or not preferred. The discussion of these "alternative" methods and so forth are becoming more and more acceptable in the modern society but vaginal intercourse will never go away for obvious reasons.

How do you believe the sexual revolution and counter-revolution, has influenced the events taking place in this class? Support your statements with examples (from textbook or other sources).

There have obviously been some major swings in the sexual landscape since the basic repression of the 1950's, the liberation of the 1960's, the fight over abortion in the 1970's, the specter of AIDS in the 1980's and the pop culture revolutions since then. In all instances, there have been swings back and forth between liberation and drawing back but the overall trend has absolutely been the former rather than the latter. For example, it is commonly held that pre-marital sex is "no big deal" nowadays but that would have been unheard of before the sexual revolution happen. Sure, there were surely people going things behind closed doors but the people that were known to have offended were surely ostracized (and let's not talk about the girls that get pregnant)

3. Examine the different issues at play here. Why do you believe the girls may be more concerned with doubt that the kid is theirs. Second, they are the one that has to carry and support the child even if the man does not. Third, they are deemed sluts and whores if they get pregnant with the wrong man or at the wrong time, perceived or actual.

4. Why might the boys think condoms and birth control are funny subjects? What influence do you believe the subjects of pornography, prostitution (especially in media), and pre-marital sex have upon adolescents?

Probably nervousness and lack of knowing, more than anything. In terms of the influence of porno, prostitution and so forth, it probably stunts and warps their view because the depictions in question are rarely realistic or indicative of what really goes on in normal people's lives. The media depictions are salacious, graphic and so forth…but they are meant to get viewers…not be realistic or to serve as a lesson to the youths of America or any other country. The problem is that adolescents do not completely (if they do at all) grasp that as a reality or a fact.

5. Examine the three theoretical analyses of sexuality. Which one do you believe applies to this situation? According to information from the textbook, which theory do you believe these children probably believe?

6. What influence do you believe the recent gay rights…

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