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Personal Education Platform the Internship

The key components of a successful internship experience include the following: that you learn necessary skills to help your future career, that you meet people who will be able to help you both in the present and in your future career, that you gain experience which you can use later on in life, and that you have the ability and opportunity to ask whatever questions are necessary to help you understand the job, the environment, and your role within the field. The only way to truly gain something from an internship is to feel that you are contributing by being there and also that you are learning from the experience. If you only show up and do the assigned tasks without really investing yourself then it will be unlikely others will invest in you and you will leave the internship without having learned very much.

Personal Education Platform: Views on Education

The three primary goals for education for students in my school district are to teach students to be lifelong learners, that the students are able to problem solve and to think critically, and to provide the basic tools which will allow students to progress in their education through higher education and into their adult lives. In order to ensure that these goals are met, students must be nurtured and properly supervised. Supervision does not just mean that you watch your students, but that you ensure that they are on task, that they are accomplishing their tasks, and that they feel safe and secure in the environment in which they are working. Supervising children is very different from watching over adult workers who just require someone to look over their finished project and provide motivation. Supervision of children requires more attention, more involvement, and more impetus on the part of the teacher.

Personal Education Platform: The Mentorship

It is my hope that my professional mentor will help prepare me for what it takes to be a really good, innovative, effective, and creative teacher. Going into the program, every person has a dream of being an incredible teacher, of being able to educate and inspire. However, few really understand all that is involved in learning how to teach. My mentor will be able to answer my questions and to show me what it is like to be a classroom teacher. I hope my mentor will give me tools but also provide feedback for my own ideas which will then encourage me to utilize even more of myself in my lesson planning.

Personal Education Platform: My Vision for the Internship

I see an internship where I get first-hand experience in the classroom. During my internship I will get time with students and with teachers, as well as members of school administration. My vision for my internship is a cohesive relationship between myself and my cooperating teacher.

Personal Education Platform: My Mission for the Internship

I will perform each task that is asked of me by my supervisors and in doing these tasks I will learn whether I have done them well or if I need improvement on a specific skill set. I will overcome any qualms I have about being a teacher and learn what works and does not work for me as an educator. Through the process I will become prepared and encouraged for when I receive my credential and teach in my own classroom.

Personal Education Platform: Leadership Dispositions


Example and Reflection

Equity: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to the educability of all.

In my experience, I have already worked with students of many diverse backgrounds and abilities. All students have the right to equal education opportunities, regardless of what they can or think they can do.

Scholarship: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to ensuring that students have the knowledge, skills, and values to become contributing members of society.

I have always been dedicated to education, both my own and the education of those I care about. I have tried to instill the love of learning in others and to show others how education will impact the rest of their lives.

Diversity & Unity: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to the inclusion of all members of the school community and the benefits that diversity brings to the school community.

I was fortunate enough to be educated in a diverse community. My classmates were members of various ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic groups. This experience helped open my eyes to differing perspectives and prepared me for interaction with diverse populations in my adult life.

Life-long Learning: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to lifelong learning for themselves and others.

I have shown that I am dedicated to my own lifelong learning by going to college and pursuing my education degree. Not only have a I completed high school and college, but wanted to pursue education. The process of teaching is also learning as we are required to have continuing education classes.

Excellence: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to high-quality standards, expectations and performances.

I have always strove to achieve high standards both in my testing and grades. Of course, grades will not always indicate a person's abilities or their efforts. I have always tried to do my best in everything and to hold other people to the same standard. You don't have to be the best, but you must try your best.

Ethics: Candidates believe in, value, and are committed to bringing ethical principles to the decision-making process.

I am an extremely ethical person. In school, when I became aware that many students had access to the answers on a certain history exam, I made sure that I did not participate in the cheating.

Personal Education Platform: Disposition: Area of Strength

Of all the criteria in the chart, I believe lifelong learning is the area of my greatest strength. Throughout my life I have been dedicated to learning and teaching others. Every day there are opportunities to learn and I try to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. It is my dedication to learning that I hope to spread to others by becoming an educator.

Personal Education Platform: Disposition: Area of Improvement

Of the criteria listed, I believe the area where I could use the most improvement is in excellence. While I have always strived to perform my best and get good grades, I have sometimes failed to realize that straight A's do not necessarily equate with personal excellence. A child with a learning disability can work harder to get C's than others work to get A's. I hope to look at each student and determine excellence in comparison with original work.

Personal Education Platform: Culture

School culture is the same as any type of culture. When a group of people come together in an environment, they create a common culture, ideas and artifacts and dialogue which are unique to that population. As an intern, I will become part of that culture and also I will be able to influence that culture in a positive way.

Personal Education Platform: Your Role

During the internship, I hope to be viewed as a dedicated person who is looking to become a great educator. I wish for students to see me as a caring and warm individual who they can depend on. I wish that colleagues would see me as willing to learn and as an individual who will make a great teacher.

Personal Education Platform: Change

If you are unwilling to see room for improvement, then you will not be able to improve. To be a great intern and then a great teacher, you must embrace change. The field of education is itself ever-changing. There are always new techniques, new technologies, and new methods which can be tried and implemented. You have to be willing to accept that change or you will not be successful.

Part 2: Summary

The importance of education in a person's life cannot be overestimated. In the United States of America and throughout the world people have been encouraged to educate themselves to the highest degree that is possible. Education will be the one thing that a person can control which will determine his or her eventual success in their future lives. Education is what allows any person, no matter how modest their birth, to rise up and become anything that they wish. By reading the historical perspective of some of the world's greatest thinkers, modern people can come to understand how important education and schooling has been and how important it will continue to be.

The job of a teacher is to educate, no matter neither what type student they have nor what type of conflicts exist in trying to teach their students. Teachers and other education professionals are tasked with taking care of their students, of providing them with the tools to cultivate their minds. Without educators, young boys and girls would have to find some other way learn which would…[continue]

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