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Smart Watches and Their Evaluation Functionality and Usability With Smartphones

Smart watch, often referred to as the smart watch is a wristwatch that has been computerized, and integrated with functionality that has been enhanced beyond timekeeping (Miyake, 2001). Moreover, the features of smart watch make it comparable to a personal digital assistant, or a PDA device. The early models of these watches were capable of performing basic tasks that included translations, calculations, and game playing. Meanwhile the modern smart watches have been designed in a way that they can be considered to be wearable computers that are actually quite efficient and effective. It is actually quite interesting to note that many smart watches have been designed in a way that many mobile apps can be run on them (Lever, 2013). On the other hand, there are also some models of these watches that are capable of operating a mobile system, and therefore they can be used as portable media players that offer the features of FM radio, including audio and video files. FM radio can be used with support from the Bluetooth headset. Some of the smartphone models, which are also referred to as watch phones, also feature complete mobile phone capabilities, and therefore such watches can also make calls or answer phone calls (Mims, 2013).

Smart watches come with almost all the features that are offered by a smartphone. Some of these features include a camera, thermometer, accelerometer, compass, cell phone, calculator, chronograph, barometer, altimeter, GPS navigator, rechargeable battery, graphical display Map display, scheduler, speaker, watch, a mass storage device by a computer and SD cards that can be recognized. These watch can also be used establish communication with heads-up display, wireless headset, microphone, insulin pump, modem, or any other devices of any form. Apart from that, some of the watches are also designed with the functionality of activity tracker features, which is referred to as 'sports watches' and 'fitness tracker'. Such functionality and features are normally seen in GPS watches that are specifically made for Diving, Training, and for Outdoor sports. Training programs, for example internals, speed display, Route tracking, GPS tracking unit, dive computer, Cadence sensor compatibility, heart rate monitor compatibility, and compatibility with sport transitions are included in the functions of the sport watches (Mims, 2013).

Just like other computers, a smart watch has the capability to gather information from external and internal sensors. It has been integrated with the functionality to control, or retrieve information from computers or other instruments. These watches can also support wireless technologies that include, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, the possibility for a "wristwatch computer" to serve as a front line for a remote system is there, especially in the case of watches making use of Wi-Fi or cellular technology (Hall, 2013).

It is assumed that an introduction to smartphones is not required, as they have become the objects of daily use with the improvement in technology. Smartphones run on a number of software, and millions of apps can be run on different smartphones. The apps that can be downloaded, purchases or that are already built in the smartphones have made the lives of the people considerably easy. It will be safe to say that there are apps for every single thing. From cooking to working out, to finding out the way to absolutely any place in the world, all has been made possible with the help of the smartphones and the apps that run on them. As smart watches are slowly making their way to the market and the wrists of the users, and have almost all the features that of a smart phone, analysts have started to wonder whether the functionality of the smart watches will shift the attention of the tech savvy people from smartphones to smart watches.

With every passing day, technology and the level of sophistication that it present within the new products is increasing and becoming more and more complicated and complex. After the smartphones, the next big tech thing that the world is talking about is "smart watches." There is no doubt that there are many people, and technology analysts, that must be scoffing at the idea of development of smart watches, however the tech-savvy people are actually quite excited about this next big thing. The first watch-phone was released by Samsung back in the year 1999, however it did not get much attention, and neither did it take the tech world by storm. However, the kind of technology that we deal with today on our daily basis, the question that whether or not smart watches will become successful in the tech world, and whether there is a possibility...


The purpose of this paper is to find out the usability of this device among the users. The main aim of this paper is to consider the findings of the questionnaire responses from the three users that were made a part of this study. We seek to figure out whether or not the usability features and attributes of the smart watches will make them as successful and wanted as the smartphones or is it going to be a failure like it was 14 years ago (Shanklin, 2013).

Test Goals

As it has been mentioned above, the goal of this test is to make an analysis of the prospects of the new technology. Through this paper, we want to assess whether or not technological companies should invest more towards the improvement and enhancement of smart watches. The main focus has been kept on the 'usability' of smart watches. The main reason behind this is that the customers have become very user-oriented. For example, most of the people own a smartphone because they believe that they are very useful. Therefore, the usability of smart watches, in comparison with smartphones, as an everyday use device will be sought through this paper.

Test Objectives

The main objectives of this paper are to figure out the usability of smart watches among the users. Through the questionnaire, we shall try to analyze the use of smart watches among the consumers. Apart from that, we shall also try to figure out whether or not the functionalities and attributes of the smart watches make them usable among the users. The preference of the users with respect to smartphones or smart watches will also be sought as a part of test objectives.


The methodology used for this research included questionnaires and interviews. It should be noted here that this will be a quantitative study. The participants will be chosen at random. The method of simple random sampling was used for this research. Three people that use a smart watch as well as a smart phone were made a part of this study. The inclusion criterion was the people that use or own smart watches. As for the exclusion criteria, children under the age of 18, pregnant women, and prisoners will not be made a part of this usability test. People who had used smart watches at one point in their lives, and now use smart phones, or vice versa were selected for this study.The two variables that were considered in this study are smart watches and their usability among users. The independent variable in this case is smart watches, and the dependent variable is the usability among the users. The study tool used for this study is the study questionnaire. The results of the study were analyzed using SPSS software. The data will be represented through t-test, since it is a quantitative study.

An important aspect to note here is that we shall be choosing the participants for the study according to their ownership and usage of the smart watches. Since usage is a relative term, we did not restrict the selection of users of smart watches on the basis of the model or producer of the smart watches. The reason behind this is that the usability of consumer can be considerably different from the usability of another consumer. Apart from that, it is very much possible that one consumer might prefer a specific brand over another. Therefore, participants will not be included or excluded on the basis of the model or brand of the smart watch.

Introduction to the Participants

The information about the demographics of the participants has been obtained through the questionnaire. The first part of the questionnaire has specifically been designed to obtain the demographic data of the smart watches and smartphone users. There are five questions that were asked in this section of the questionnaire. The first question is about the age of the participant. There are four options from which the participant could choose, according to his or her age. The first option was 18-23, the second group 24-30, the third group 31-45, and the fourth group was above 46. The second question was about the gender of the participant; two options for it, male or female. The third question was based on the…

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