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This dependence on the rainfall to multiply makes malaria to have a particular cycle of the infections in these tropic regions. The dry and the wet seasons usually alternate, hence the malaria outbreaks usually follow the rainy seasons.

It is also worth noting that the intensity of the malaria transmission is tied on the type of mosquito vector that is in a given region. It is true that the anopheles mosquito is responsible for transmission of malaria, but it has been noted that those mosquitoes from the sub-Saharan region prefer taking their blood meal from humans as opposed to cattle or other animals, hence this leads to a more serious infection pattern than those that draw blood meal from animals.

Therefore, the temperature that is conducive for malaria, the high number of mosquitoes and the particular vector that is prevalent in a region all referred to as Malaria Ecology (ME) can help in the prediction of malaria risks and the problems that come with it.

Due to the ME, and other factors that accompany it like the transport cost in search of malaria cure, it is expected that the people who live along the coastal line, where the climate is not suitable for the breeding of the malaria, should be enjoying a much better economy with a higher per capita income. This is a true situation in the coastal countries in comparison to the countries that are land locked or further inland with rainy and dry seasons alternating. It is also worth noting that in the regions that were colonized by the Europeans, they chose the geographically friendly areas with lesser cases of malaria and it is these regions that they developed and consequently had higher economic standings than other regions.

Using the malaria incidence as a geographical variable is one of the several means to indicate that the economy of a region can and mostly depends on the geographical features of a place than the institutions. There are however other examples like the regions prone to flooding like Indonesia, that are predominantly poor due to the


According to these theory, in order for any community to enjoy relative economic stability, there is need to be a solid mechanism of justice administration, sense of security and rule of law.

Here, the role of property rights as well as the rule of law is the centre piece for the economic development of a region. The quality of the institutions that are found in a given community has the most significant determinant in the economy of the region than the geography of the region and even the integration of the region to other trade zones. It is with the right institutions that the favorable laws to trading with other regions will be formed. It is again of significance to note that the acceptance of other regions to trade with a given area will entirely depend on the suitable laws that are in existence in the area. Geography of a region may be negative for the economic growth of a region and even the integration with other regions may be negative but the laws and the institutions of a given region will always come in with a positive approach to make the trade terms friendly and not prohibitive to the people intending to trade in the region.

Bearing the two arguments, I would consider the geographical argument to be more powerful than the institutions argument. This is because even if an area has the right institutions, but the geographical features are too hostile for productions of anything, like the storms, floods, earthquake, the diseases and so on, there can never be any significant economic progress, yet these are natural things that man has no control over.

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