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It is significantly affecting and endangering the future of millions of young people in the nation. Additionally, there are several challenges on the issue of the overall drug use in the United States. To understand the issue of drug and substance abuse fully, and the subsequent need for proper legislation to handle the challenge, it is crucial to assess the impacts of the issue in the country. According to the health expenditure report on the year 2011-2012 budget, the sectors spend a total of $29 billion on issues associated with drug and substance abuse treatment and care (Swartz, 2012). This is a gargantuan penalty to pay for a preventable case, only if the right provisions and regulations are in place.

The impacts of substance abuse on the individual are an unending string of interrelated issues. For instance, the negative impacts associated with the substance abuse on the health of the individual consumer remain the leading cause of deaths for drug users. The drugs lead to critical health issues such as untreatable illnesses like cancer and other tumors. The reports by the National Health Services Department show that people suffering from drug consumption related issues are increasingly on the rise (Drug and substance abuse awareness night, 2013). The suffering that the family members, relatives and friends of the substance abusers is unfathomable. Additionally, the society is losing minds and brains of people who would work to better the society to drug and substance abuse. When a student drops out of school due to drug use, and commits crime then they are arrested, their life becomes a shell. This is how serious issue of substance abuse is affecting the society. Additionally, billions of shillings disappear in the illegal trade of the drugs, in the country. This is money, which if employed through the useful programs, can develop the economy to a better place. The crime rates due to drug relation are alarmingly high as evidenced by the large number of arrested persons due to such related issues.

The prescription drug abuse is among the fastest growing problems of drug abuse. The government has continued to try to implement policies and regulations to tackle the issue of substance abuse trafficking and usage. The policies developed both at the federal and at senate, levels of governance all advocate for the propagation of a society that is free of sub-stance abuse (Hastings, 2012). The regulations continue to press for the cracking of these "pill mills" in the society; however, the progress is remarkably slow. Therefore, it is significant to review the legislation regarding the substance abuse control procedures in the country. The enormous percentages of the statistics of persons affected by the menace ought to reduce with the proper policies in place.

Bill writing

Bill no SB 375/2013

Policy to monitor and regulate prescription drug abuse and trafficking of illicit drugs

1. The bill proposes that, the government gives funding support and other forms of support to the programs that monitor prescription of drugs in the country. This act will identify the program and bodies such as the national association of board pharmacy and consequently support their action

2. The bill proposes the reviewing of the medical studies institutions valuation and issuing of licenses of practice to address the issue of abuse of prescription drugs.

3. The bill proposes the justice institutions to have empowerment to prosecute the arrested suspects on the minimal evidence available. This is to make sure that those caught in the act do not remain free from the excuse of inadequate evidence.

4. The bill proposes the formation and empowerment of a legal unit of law enforcers to specifically deal with the problem of drug and substance abuse

5. The bill proposes the enactment and enforcing of the law of tracking and prosecuting the drug dealers.


1. Whereas the government established the national unit of the licensing board to ensure quality of service providers, there is a failure in medical care professionals to ascertain their credibility and qualification in administering prescriptions.

2. Whereas the law enforcing agencies have the mandate to track and prosecute the drug dealers, there is reluctance due to the chain of prominent people associated in the trade.

3. Whereas the law prohibiting drug and substance abuse is in place, it is lacking in execution due to inadequate supporting measures and procedures to ensure elimination of the practice of substance abuse. Additionally, the punitive measures do not address the issues adequately.

Respectively submitted,

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Monday June 24th 2013

Drug and substance abuse legislation

1. The implementation of the legislation will take the form of a preventive and cautionary measure in addressing the issue of substance abuse.

2. The first section of the legislation will address the misdirection of funds, from treatment to the preventive action programs.

3. The second section of the bill will empower the process of pursuing the culprits responsible for the trafficking of drugs. This act of the bill will see the root of the issue managed effectively.

4. The section of policy on licensing and monitoring institutions and programs will see the elimination of vendors of prescription drugs; who do not have the competence to administer drugs.

Respectively submitted_


The issue of substance and drug abuse in the country continues to rob the society of pivotal people. Therefore, it is significant to establish legislation that address the issue as it retards the development of the country from the national level to the family setting. Proper legislation will see the propagation of drug trafficking reduced to near zero if not eliminated. Therefore, the focus on the fight against drug and substance abuse should continue earnestly.


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